Model (profession)

Model (profession)

A model (from Middle French modèle//aew), sometimes called a mannequin, is a person who is employed to display, advertise and promote commercial products (notably fashion clothing) or to serve as a subject of works of art.

Modelling ("modeling" in American) is distinguished from other types of public performance, such as an acting, dancing or mime artist, although the boundary is not well defined. Appearing in a movie or a play is almost never considered modelling.

There are several types of models including fashion models, commercial print models, glamour models, fit models, and fine arts models. In the fashion world, models are divided into two categories: editorial and commercial. While most fashion models do editorial work, editorial models are regarded as high fashion models. They most notably participate in fashion shows and are seen in magazines such as Vogue. A good example of an editorial model would be Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and Kate Moss. Commercial fashion models, while they may also appear in fashion magazines and advertisements, they most notably advertise products. Some notable commercial fashion models are Irina Shayk, Bar Refaeli, and Josie Maran.

There are many sub-genres of modelling including fashion editorial, lifestyle editorial, runway, commercials, catalog, glamour, fitness, beauty, fine art, and lifestyle. Each sub-genre is associated with a certain type of modelling. Fashion models may work in any sub-genre. However, other models such as glamour models and commercial print (sometimes referred to as lifestyle models) are limited based on certain requirements.

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... of modelling, there are essentially no qualifications for being an art modelother than the ability to hold still ... themselves with the competence, conduct and reliability of art models ... An example is the Register of Artists' Models(RAM) in the United Kingdom ...

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    The best way to teach a child restraint and generosity is to be a model of those qualities yourself. If your child sees that you want a particular item but refrain from buying it, either because it isn’t practical or because you can’t afford it, he will begin to understand restraint. Likewise, if you donate books or clothing to charity, take him with you to distribute the items to teach him about generosity.
    Lawrence Balter (20th century)