Model Driven

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... The Special Interest Group "Model-Driven Software Engineering" (SIG-MDSE) organizes the MDSE as an academic conference ... This special interest group focus on model driven (or model based) and architecture centered software engineering techniques and tools, e.g ... OMG's MDA (Model Driven Architecture) ...
1880s - Technology
... His 1883 model was created in Delameter Iron Works ... breathing pipe and an airlock for a diver." His 1885 model, called the "Peacemaker", was larger ... Although he never built a working model of the system, Nipkow's spinning disk design became a common television image rasterizer used up to 1939 ...
Feature-oriented Programming - FOMDD
... Feature Oriented Model Driven Design (FOMDD) combines the ideas of AHEAD with Model Driven Design (MDD) (a.k.a ... Model-Driven Architecture (MDA)) ... to a tool chain for an FOMDD model to be consistent, it should be proven (or demonstrated through testing) that all tool chains that map one object to another in fact yield equivalent results ...
Model-driven Architecture
... Model Driven Architecture (MDA) is a software design approach for the development of software systems ... a set of guidelines for the structuring of specifications, which are expressed as models ... Model-driven architecture is a kind of domain engineering, and supports model-driven engineering of software systems ...

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    Socrates, who was a perfect model in all great qualities, ... hit on a body and face so ugly and so incongruous with the beauty of his soul, he who was so madly in love with beauty.
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