MKS may refer to:

  • Mutya Keisha Siobhan, an English girl group
  • MKS system of units an alternate convention of SI or International System of Measuring Units.
  • Lincoln MKS an automobile produced by the Lincoln division of Ford Motor Company.
  • MKS Finance a broker of precious metals.
  • MKS Incorporated is a software vendor (formerly Mortice Kern Systems), or any of its products:
    • MKS Integrity, an application lifecycle management platform.
    • MKS Source, a revision control system.
    • MKS Toolkit, a Unix-like software environment for Microsoft Windows.
    • MKS X/Server, X11 server for Microsoft Windows.
  • MKS is a Latin acronym for the labor organization Międzyzakładowy Komitet Strajkowy in Poland. It translates Inter-Enterprise Strike Committee
  • MKS or Mario Kart series is an original 'racing game' with character Mario Kart from Nintendo.
  • .mks, a file extension for Matroska Multimedia Container.

Other articles related to "mks":

Lincoln MKT - Production MKT (2010-present)
... with design cues from the Lincoln MKR concept vehicle and the Lincoln MKS full-size luxury sedan, the latter of which is built onto a smaller version of the MKT's platform. 3.7 L Cyclone 37 V-6 as used in the Lincoln MKS sedan. 3.5 L Cyclone EcoBoost engine rated at 355 hp (265 kW), which is also available on the MKS, is available Both engines are mated to a 6-speed 6F automatic transmission ...
Roland MKS-80
... The Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter is an 8-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer that was manufactured by Roland between 1984 and 1987 ... It is the only of MKS series of synthesizers to have fully analog voltage controlled oscillators ... Jupiter-8, the service manual states that "The module board of MKS-80 features the following in addition to that of JP-6, its brother module ...
MKS X/Server - History
... Since 1995 MKS has distributed the SCO/Tarantella XVision Eclipse PC X server product to its customer base as part of its MKS Toolkit product line ... In 2006 MKS acquired the source code rights XVision giving the company the ability to maintain and enhance the product as needed by the market and its customers ... MKS X/Server is available as a standalone product, bundled with various versions of the MKS Toolkit product and available as a runtime option to UNIX/Linux applications ...
MKS X/Server
... MKS X/Server is for a commercial X server product for accessing Unix/Linux systems from a PC, developed by MKS Inc. ...