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Miyu also appears in My-Otome as a friend of Arika Yumemiya. She appears to Shizuru in episode 14 and reveals knowledge which suggests that she might be the same Miyu from My-HiME, however, her name is revealed as the Merciful Intelligential Yggdrasil Unit, instead of the Multiple Intelligential Yggdrasil Unit that she was in My-HiME. She may have changed her name to reflect her change in status from an assault unit to a protector. She travels with a small bird named Alyssa (who shares her HiME counterpart's hairstyle). Whether this is the same Miyu as in My-HiME is the subject of much debate among fans, but no conclusive evidence has been revealed so far.

She was apparently created by My-Otome's version of Alyssa Sears in the past in order to deal with the presence of the Ultimate Black Diamond that Nina Wáng uses. She also appeared during the invasion of Windbloom years before, but came too late to stop it. There is indication that she was very good friends with the former Blue Sky Sapphire Rena Sayers, as a vow she made to Rena that she would destroy Schwarz and those associated with them is mentioned. In addition, she rescued Arika as a baby and gave her to her grandmother (Rena's mother) and also found Rena's GEM in Artai and took back to be inherited by Arika when she got older. It also appears that she watches over Alyssa's descendants, including Arika (whose hair she sees as glowing like Alyssa's when she used her HiME powers), and divulges important information about Arika's origins and the Harmonium.

She has her trademark "Maria" sword arm and when she teams up with Alyssa, it activates her attack, "Artemis", an energy sword slash. She later pulls out her Mithril Dress from a lava pit. However, her weapons are modified compared to her My-HiME version. In the finale, she goes to what looks like Fuuka Gakuen and actives the Guiding Star which causes all the Otomes to materialise without their masters.

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