Mixer may refer to:

An electronics device:

  • Electronic mixer, a device for adding or multiplying signal voltages together
  • Frequency mixer, a telecommunications device used to shift the frequency spectrum of a signal
  • Sound card mixer, a component of the audio subsystem of a personal computer
  • Vision mixer, an electronic device for combining video signals
  • Audio mixing console, an electronic device for combining, routing, and changing the level, tone, and/or dynamics of two or more audio signals
    • DJ mixer, a type of audio mixing console used by disc jockeys
  • Mode scrambler (known as a Mode mixer), a telecommunications device for handling signals on optical fibers

A mechanical device:

  • Mixer (cooking), an appliance used to combine ingredients
  • Mixer (engine), a device for quieting an airplane engine
  • Concrete mixer, a machine which combines the ingredients of concrete
  • Feed mixer, a machine used in the feed industry for mixing feed ingredients
  • High-shear mixer, a device that disperses a material into a liquid phase by passing it through an array of rotors and/or stators
  • Industrial mixer, a machine for mixing the materials in industrial scale
  • Micro mixer, a device used in flow chemistry
  • Static mixer, a device for mixing two fluid materials through a tube containing a series of baffles
  • Submersible mixer, a machine used for mixing liquids and slurries in tanks (e.g. wastewater, liquid manure, etc.)
  • Vortex mixer, a laboratory device
  • Carburettor, a device for mixing a hydrocarbon and air, for an engine

A synonym for an occupation:

  • Mix engineer, or sound mixer, the operator of an audio mixing console
  • Production sound mixer, the head of a film production sound crew
  • Mixer, a follower of a particular philosophy within the practice of chiropractic


  • Mixer (magazine), an American music magazine and record label, the sister company to the original UK publication Mixmag
  • Drink mixer, a non-alcoholic beverage or other food item mixed with a beverage (often alcoholic)
  • Mixer dance, a social dance that encourages the participants to actively pursue new dance partners
  • Mixer, a cocktail party organized for purposes of social or business networking.
  • "The Mixer", a song from the 1991 album Shift-Work (album) by The Fall
  • The Mixer a 1992 TV series, starring Simon Williams (actor) and Jeremy Clyde (The Mixer at the Internet Movie Database)

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