Mississippi Brilla - Players - Current Roster

Current Roster

As of May 29, 2012.

No. Position Player
0 GK Phil Boerger
1 GK Davis Griffin
2 DF Isaac Owusu
3 DF Larry Jones
4 MF Stephen Roberson
5 MF Wendell James
5 MF Musa Mawanda
6 DF Kyle Culbertson
7 MF Guilherme Brandao
8 MF Kharlton Belmar
10 MF Anteneh Lemma
No. Position Player
11 DF James Moore
12 MF Orrin Farrell
13 MF Devon Fisher
14 FW Billy Forbes
15 FW Chrispin Ochieng
16 DF Thomas Shannon
17 FW Phillip Buffington
18 MF Felipe Silva
23 DF Garrett Harvey
DF Jonathan Brown
MF Nick Aguilar

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