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List Of Protestant Mission Societies In Africa
... Arab World Ministries Church Mission Society Cowley Fathers Imkulu Swedish Evangelical Mission London Missionary Society Mission Aviation Fellowship Mission Africa Missionary Bishop Nyasa Industrial Mission ...
Leonora King
... June 30, 1925) was a Canadian physician and medical missionary who spent 47 years practising medicine in China ... After joining the Women's Foreign Missionary Society of the American Methodist Episcopal Missionary Society, she left for China in 1877 where she was a missionary doctor with the American Methodist ... Alexander King, a member of the London Missionary Society ...
Missionary Society Of Saint Thomas - Founding - Pious Union Comes Into Being
... of the permission he had to start and organize the missionary institute as a Pious Union of the diocesan clergy for mission work ... Meanwhile the Bishop admitted nine students destined for the future Missionary Society to the Good Shepherd Minor Seminary, Palai ... Palackatukunnel The Statutes for the Missionary Society was approved by the Holy See on 13 June 1967 ...
Lutheran Church Of China - History - The First Lutheran Missions (1847-1890)
... appeal, three German mission societies the Barmen Mission (later known as the Rhenish Missionary Society or 禮賢會), the Berlin Missionary Society (巴陵信義會) and the Basel Mission ... The Berlin Missionary Society sent its first missionary to China in 1851 and initially confined its work to the Hakka speaking people in Guangdong province ...
Taiyuan Massacre - Christians in Taiyuan Before The 1900 Massacre - Visiting Missioners and Others
... Orr Ewing kindly offered to present a copy to any missionary desiring it ... (American Presbyterian Mission) and Rev David Hill (Wesleyan Missionary Society) ... set sail for China under the auspices of the Baptist Missionary Society (BMS) ...

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    We Americans are supposed to be overly concerned about the child. But actually the intelligent care of children in our society is balanced by a crass indifference to the helplessness of infancy and youth. Cruelty to children has become more widespread but less noticed in the general unrest, the constant migration, the family disintegration, and the other manifestations of a civilization that has been torn away from its original moorings.
    Agnes E. Meyer (1887–1970)

    We crossed a deep and wide bay which makes eastward north of Kineo, leaving an island on our left, and keeping to the eastern side of the lake. This way or that led to some Tomhegan or Socatarian stream, up which the Indian had hunted, and whither I longed to go. The last name, however, had a bogus sound, too much like sectarian for me, as if a missionary had tampered with it; but I knew that the Indians were very liberal. I think I should have inclined to the Tomhegan first.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)