Minister For Sport (Australia) - List of Ministers For Sport

List of Ministers For Sport

Lists Ministers whose portfolio of responsibilities included sport as a significant component.

Minister Party affiliation Period Prime
Ministerial Title
Frank Stewart Australian Labor Party 1972-1975 Whitlam Minister for Tourism and Recreation
Ivor Greenwood Liberal Party 1976 Fraser Minister for Environment, Housing and Community Development
Kevin Newman] 1976-1977
Ray Groom 1977-1978
Robert Ellicott 1978-1981 Minister for Home Affairs
Michael MacKellar 1981
Ian Wilson 1981-1982
Tom McVeigh 1982-1983 Minister for Home Affairs and Environment
John Brown Australian Labor Party 1983–1987 Hawke Minister for Sport, Recreation and Tourism
1987–1988 Minister for Arts, Sport, the Environment, Tourism and Territories
Graham Richardson 1988–1990
Ros Kelly 1990–1991
1991 Keating
1991–1993 Minister for Arts, Sport, the Environment and Territories
1993–1994 Minister for Environment, Sport and Territories
Graham Richardson 1994
John Faulkner 1994–1996
Warwick Smith Liberal Party 1996–1997 Howard Minister for Sport, Territories and Local Government
Andrew Thomson 1997–1998 Minister for Sport and Tourism
Jackie Kelly 1998–2001
Rod Kemp 2001–2007 Minister for the Arts and Sport
George Brandis 2007
Kate Ellis Australian Labor Party 2007–2009 Rudd Minister for Youth and Sport
2009–2010 Minister for Sport
2010 Gillard
Mark Arbib 2010–2012
Kate Lundy 2012–present

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