A miniature is a small-scale reproduction, or a small variation. It may refer to:

  • Portrait miniature
  • Miniature (illuminated manuscript), a small painting in an illuminated text
    • Persian miniature, a small painting in an illuminated text or album
    • Ottoman miniature, a small painting in an illuminated text or album
    • Mughal miniature, a small painting in an illuminated text or album
    • Portrait miniature, a very small painted portrait (or other type of painting)
  • Scale model
    • Room box
    • Figurine
    • Miniature figure (gaming), a small figurine used in role playing games and tabletop wargames
  • "Miniature" (The Twilight Zone), an episode of The Twilight Zone
  • Miniature rose
  • Miniature candy, smaller variations of candy bars and candy mostly used during Halloween
  • Miniature effect, a physical model of a larger object used to represent it in filmmaking
  • Miniature horse

Other articles related to "miniature":

Sarah Goodridge - Life
... Boston and began receiving lessons and painting miniature portraits of exceptional quality ... Among Goodridge's most interesting and personal works is a miniature portrait of her own bared breasts, entitled Beauty Revealed, now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York ... Decades of Acquisitions." Beauty Revealed was the inspiration for a miniature painted by the fictional heroine of Blindspot A Novel (New York, 2008), by Jane Kamensky and Jill Lepore ...
Miniature Texas Longhorn - History
... Miniature cattle started in the late 1960s when a Mexican rancher started breeding a small cattle breed called Zebu ... The original goal was to produce Miniature cattle for the rich to own as house pets ... Dexter and many other breeds of cows soon became downsized as the miniature cattle craze took over ...
Miniature Tigers
... Miniature Tigers is an indie pop band based in Brooklyn, NY that combines elements of indie rock, synthpop, and dream pop ... Miniature Tigers began their first national tour in October 2008, which included playing a set at the 2008 CMJ Music Marathon ... Miniature Tigers toured with Ben Folds in February and played the 2009 Monolith Festival in September ...
Miniature Texas Longhorn - Purpose
... Miniature cattle, including Miniature Texas Longhorn, are primarily kept as pets, or used as entertainment animals ... The miniature version could potentially be used for beef production, with lower feed demands, but higher processing costs ...

Famous quotes containing the word miniature:

    Maybe it’s understandable what a history of failures America’s foreign policy has been. We are, after all, a country full of people who came to America to get away from foreigners. Any prolonged examination of the U.S. government reveals foreign policy to be America’s miniature schnauzer—a noisy but small and useless part of the national household.
    —P.J. (Patrick Jake)

    A little Morgan had one forefoot on the wall,
    The other curled at his breast. He dipped his head
    And snorted at us. And then he had to bolt.
    We heard the miniature thunder where he fled,
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    To step over the low wall that divides
    Road from concrete walk above the shore
    Brings sharply back something known long before
    The miniature gaiety of seasides.
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)