Millard may refer to:

In places in the US:

  • Millard County, Utah
  • Millard School, a now-defunct military preparatory school formerly located in Bandon, Oregon.
  • Millard, Missouri
  • Millard, Nebraska, a former suburb and present-day neighborhood of Omaha
  • Millard, Wisconsin

People with the surname Millard:

  • Millard (surname)

People with the given name Millard:

  • Millard (given name)

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... Ezra Millard (1833–1886), Mayor of Omaha, Nebraska 1869–1871 ... Brother of Joseph Millard ... Joseph Millard (1836–1922), Mayor of Omaha, Nebraska 1872–1873 U.S ...
Len Millard
... Leonard Millard (7 March 1919 – 15 March 1997), better known as Len Millard, was an English footballer who played the majority of his career at left back ...
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... Col Millard Johnson is in charge of Project Super Nova, a UN Spacy program deployed to determine the next generation of Variable fighter ... Col Millard is most often found in the anime trying to control the feud between Guld Goa Bowman and Isamu Alva Dyson, many times counseling Isamu with words of wisdom that ... with the introduction of Ghost X-9 UCAV and Guld was sent in the YF-21 after the runaway VF, Millard commented that he used to steal planes as well and decided to cover up for the two of them just like ...
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... In recent years, the Millard area has experienced a large amount of expansion ... Several high wealth neighborhoods have developed in the area along with new retail and restaurants ...
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