Mild may refer to:

  • Mild ale, often simply referred to as mild, from the Old English milde, meaning "young" or "immature"
  • Håkan Mild (born 1971), Swedish former footballer and current director of sports of IFK Göteborg
  • Hans Mild (1934–2007), Swedish football, ice hockey, and bandy player
  • An acronym for Mnemonic induction of lucid dreams, a technique developed by Stephen LaBerge to facilitate the occurrence of lucid dreaming

Other articles related to "mild":

Serum Sickness-like Reaction - Diagnosis
... lymphadenopathy arthralgias myalgias and mild proteinuria ... Laboratory abnormalities include normal or mild decreases in serum C3, C4, and CH50 levels, and mild proteinuria.1,3-5 In contrast to true serum sickness ...
TAM Mild Jalapeño
... The TAM Mild Jalapeño is a mild variety of jalapeño pepper developed at Texas A M University (TAM) ... It has been superseded by TAM Mild Jalapeño II, which was released to growers in October, 2002 ... "The TAM Mild Jalapeño II possesses numerous attributes, which should be desirable to both growers and consumers ...
Clinical Dementia Rating
... equivalences are as follows Composite Rating Symptoms 0 none 0.5 very mild 1 mild 2 moderate 3 severe CDR is credited with being able to discern very mild impairments, but its ...
MCI Screen - Validation
... Rating Scale ranged from 0 (normal N=119), 0.5 (mild cognitive impairment N=95), to 1 (mild dementia N=257) ... of Sciences, the MCI Screen has overall accuracy of 98% with sensitivity of 97% for mild cognitive impairment or mild dementia, and 88% specificity for normal aging ...
Postprandial Somnolence - Physiology - Insulin-induced Hypokalemia
... The large movement of potassium from the extracellular fluid can lead to a mild hypokalemic state ... Stage 1 is characterized by no symptoms but mild hypokalemia ... Stage 2 is characterized with symptoms and mild hypokalemia ...

Famous quotes containing the word mild:

    To measure life learn thou betimes, and know
    Toward solid good what leads the nearest way;
    For other things mild Heaven a time ordains,

    And disapproves that care, though wise in show,
    That with superfluous burden loads the day,
    And, when God sends a cheerful hour, refrains.
    John Milton (1608–1674)

    The change from storm and winter to serene and mild weather, from dark and sluggish hours to bright and elastic ones, is a memorable crisis which all things proclaim. It is seemingly instantaneous at last.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    This, it will be remembered, was the scene of Mrs. Rowlandson’s capture, and of other events in the Indian wars, but from this July afternoon, and under that mild exterior, those times seemed as remote as the irruption of the Goths. They were the dark age of New England.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)