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List of Common Language Games
... into two or more words with the "mer" sound inserted in the middle and at the end ... rhyming word pairs speakers often drop the second word of common pairs ... from Spanish term Cigarillo) becomes Yosi (last and first syllable, middle syllables omitted) ...
Proto-Slavic Language - Phonology - Vowels
... Middle Common Slavic had the following vowel system Short vowels Front Central Back Close ь/ĭ ъ/ŭ Mid e o Open Long vowels Front Central Back Close i y u Mid ě Open a Nasal vowels (long) Front Central ... Thus *o was open in Early Slavic, later rounding to, and then raising to towards the Late Common Slavic period ... This wide variety probably resulted from a late merger of phonemes, as earlier Slavic had two distinct back nasal vowels, corresponding to open *o and close ...

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