Microextraction By Packed Sorbent

Microextraction by packed sorbent or MEPS is a Lab in Syringe. MEPS is a novel approach to sample preparation and sample handling that was introduced by professor Mohamed Abdel-Rehim and his co-worker. In the simplest terms, it is a miniaturization of the conventional Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) process. The SPE sorbent materials are packed in the MEPS BIN which is the cartridge that is integrated into a microliter syringe. The syringe can be any type of manual or autosampler syringe used in GC or LC techniques. MEPS is suitable to reversed phase, normal phase, mixed mode or ion exchange chemistries. Instead of the milliliter volumes of solvent required to elute a standard SPE cartridge or disk, MEPS cartridges are capable of giving a total elution volume of a few microliters. This elution volume is such that it can easily be injected directly into a GC or LC system without further sample concentration. Full automation of sample preparation and analysis of the extracted sample can easily be achieved using a conventional autosampler. MEPS uses 100 times less sample and solvent than conventional SPE technique. So not only is less sample volume required for the extraction, which is critical in some analytical environments, but significant cost savings can also be realized due to the reduction in solvent usage.

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