Meteoric Iron

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Alloy - History
... by humans started with the use of meteoric iron, a naturally occurring alloy of nickel and iron ... metallurgic processes were used to separate iron from nickel, the alloy was used as it was ... Meteoric iron could be forged from a red heat to make objects such as tools, weapons, and nails ...
Meteorite Types - History
... Maskelyne differentiated siderites (now iron meteorites), siderolites (now Stony Iron Meteorites) and aerolites (now Stony Meteorite) ... Meteoric iron barely noticeable ... Meteoric iron barely noticeable ...
Ni Fe - Overview
... The following table is an overview of different iron–nickel alloys ... meteoric iron is a mixture of two crystal structures) ... Ni2Fe to Ni3Fe Earth's core Earth's core is composed of an iron–nickel alloy ...

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