Messianic primarily means 'of the Messiah' .

Messianic may also mean:

  • Messianic Complex, a psychological state of mind
  • Messianic democracy, democracy by force
  • Messianic prophecies
  • Messianism

Messianic may refer to:

  • Church of World Messianity
  • Messianic Israel Alliance
  • Messianic Judaism
  • Messianic Jewish theology

Messianic may also refer to:

  • Olivier Messiaen, a French composer, organist, and ornithologist

Messianic in the context of Judaism may refer to someone who believes in (the):

  • Jewish Messiah

Other articles related to "messianic":

Lurianic Kabbalah - Influence - Sabbatean Mystical Heresies
... only a conclusive arrival in the process, Shabbetai's prophet Nathan of Gaza interpreted his messianic role as pivotal in reclaiming those sparks lost in impurity ... Now faith in his messianic role, after he apostasised to Islam, became necessary, as well as faith in his antinomian actions ... most anarchist actions of his followers, claiming the breaking of the Torah in his emerged messianic era was now its fulfilment, the opposite of the messianic ...
Messianic Jewish Theology
... Messianic Jewish theology is the study of God and Scripture from the perspective of Messianic Judaism, considered by most Christians and Jews to be a form of ...
Apostolic Messianic Movement - The Endtime Jewish Church
... One purpose of the Apostolic Messianic movement is to restore what it considers to be correct interpretation of prophecy that relates to Israel and specifically the Jews of ... It is part of the evangelism of the Apostolic Messianic movement to seek out the endtime remnant of the 144,000 and assist them in the final unity for the coming of Jesus ... Together, Messianic Apostolic Jews and converted Gentiles will complete the olive tree Israel of God as found in Romans 11 ...
Christian Denominational Families - Protestantism - Messianic Judaism / Jewish Christians
... Main article Messianic Judaism See also Messianic Movement and Messianic Jewish theology House of Aaron Chosen People Ministries Jews for Jesus Messianic Israel Alliance Messianic Jewish Alliance of ...

Famous quotes containing the word messianic:

    I think the Messianic concept, which is the Jewish offering to mankind, is a great victory. What does it mean? It means that history has a sense, a meaning, a direction; it goes somewhere, and necessarily in a good direction—the Messiah.
    Elie Wiesel (b. 1928)