Meng can refer to the following:

  • Master of Engineering (MEng or M.Eng.), an academic or professional master's degree in the field of engineering
  • ɱ, the symbol used for the labiodental nasal consonantal sound
  • Meng (孟), a Chinese surname, notable people including Mencius
  • MENG, acronym for Marketing Executives Network Group
  • Tonga Fifita, a former professional wrestler who used "Meng" as his stage name in World Championship Wrestling
  • MENG is an afrikaan word means "mix". And It refers to a Cloghting style that've been created in 13/08/2012. and it's semilar to SWAG Style but with deffrent originals. it first appeared officially in Morocco by "Miley". then it started to spread around when all the Swagers there changed their Backround as to Meng. it's the same cloghts & Tillels but a different originals. so The MENG Style is just a personal Cleen.M verision of Swag.