Mein Leben

Mein Leben (German for "My Life") is the title of several German autobiographies, including those of the following people (note that the dates are of publication, not composition, and in some cases might refer to a later or posthumous edition):

  • August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben (1868)
  • Richard Wagner (1880)
  • Franz Nissel (1894)
  • Johann Gottfried Seume (1899)
  • Leo Königsberger (1919)
  • Wilhelm von Bode (1930)
  • Friedrich Griese (1934)
  • Hermann Eris Busse (1935)
  • Rudolf Huch (1935)
  • Robert Hohlbaum (1936)
  • Simon Dubnow (1937)
  • Adele Sandrock (1940)
  • Albert Pagels (1940)
  • Erich Raeder (1956)
  • Alma Mahler (1963)
  • Otto Hahn (1968)
  • Oskar Kokoschka (1972)
  • Emil Nolde (1976)
  • Heinrich Harrer (2002) (Published in English under the name Beyond Seven Years in Tibet, My Life Before During and After in October 2006)
  • Marcel Reich-Ranicki (2003)
  • Gunter Sachs, husband of Brigitte Bardot (2005)
  • Christian "Flake" Lorenz (2011)

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... He later wrote an autobiography, Mein Leben (My Life), in 1957 ... Mein Leben was ghost-written by a committee of former Kriegsmarine officers headed by Admiral Erich Förste with Raeder's role limited to reviewing the ... Mein Leben was intended to be a sort of "official history" that would rebut the "Nuremberg version" of history, and hence the book devoted a disproportionate amount ...
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... Sauerbruch – Das war mein Leben is a 1954 German film ... It is based on surgeon Ferdinand Sauerbruch's memoirs Das war mein Leben, which were ghostwritten by Hans Rudolf Berndorff and were published in the German magazine Revue shortly before the release of the film ...