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Subpoena Duces Tecum - Privileges
... exists with "work product", meaning written documents or computer records generated in preparation for a trial or hearing ... The usual rule is that medical records are immune from subpoena if the plaintiff has not alleged physical or mental injuries or damages ... or in some other disability hearing, medical records can be subject to subpoena duces tecum ...
Right To Know - United States - Available Information - Medical Record
... Many employers keep some type of medical records ... These could be medical questionnaires, results of pre-employment physical examinations, results from blood tests or more elaborate records of ongoing diagnosis or treatment (such as ... OSHA regulations that establish access rights to these records are found in 29 CFR 1910.1020 Access to Medical and Exposure Records ...
Munir Bin Naseer - Medical Records
16, 2007 the Department of Defense published height and weight records for all but ten of the captives held in Guantanamo ... Munir Naseem is one of ten men whose height and weight records were withheld ... of Defense has not offered an explanation for why no records for those ten men were published ...
North Shore University Health System - Electronic Medical Records
... Electronic Medical Records employed by NorthShore have brought special recognition from former President George W ... Bush NorthShore's electronic medical records have resulted in the integrated healthcare system being named "Most Wired" for six consecutive years ...
Connected Health - Personal Health Records
... Personal health records, or PHRS, (see personal health record) – are essentially medical records controlled and maintained by the healthcare consumer ... By contrast, electronic medical records (EMRs) (see electronic medical record) are digital medical records or medical records systems maintained by hospitals or medical practices and are not part of connected ...

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    It’s always the generals with the bloodiest records who are the first to shout what a hell it is. And it’s always the war widows who lead the Memorial Day parades.
    Paddy Chayefsky (1923–1981)

    One fellow I was dating in medical school ... was a veterinarian and he wanted to get married. I said, but you’re going to be moving to Minneapolis, and he said, oh, you can quit and I’ll take care of you. I said, “Go.”
    Sylvia Beckman (b. c. 1931)