Mearns can refer to

  • Mearns Academy
  • Mearns, Alberta
  • Mearns Castle
  • Mearns Castle High School
  • Mearns FM
  • Mearns Primary School
  • Kincardineshire, the County of Kincardine, The Mearns in Scotland
  • Newton Mearns

in biology:

  • Edgar Alexander Mearns (1856-1916), American ornithologist and field naturalist
  • Mearns's Flying Fox
  • Mearns's Pouched Mouse
  • Chihuahuan Grasshopper Mouse or Mearns's Grasshopper Mouse
  • Montezuma Quail or Mearns Quail
  • Mearns's Squirrel

People with the last name Mearns:

  • David Mearns (b. 1958), a United States-born marine scientist
  • Frederick Mearns (1879-1931) a British footballer
  • Ian Mearns a British Labour Party politician
  • Randy Mearns (b. 1969) is a Canadian former lacrosse player
  • Sara Mearns, New York City Ballet principal dancer
  • William Hughes Mearns (1875-1965), American educator and poet
  • Máel Petair of Mearns

Other articles related to "mearns":

Catterline - Local Radio
... the commercial enterprise of the local newspaper, The Mearns Leader, Catterline has a Local Community Radio Station in Mearns FM ... Broadcasting from nearby Stonehaven in the Townhall, Mearns FM helps to keep Catterline up to date with local and charity events, as well as playing a wee bit of music ... Staffed completely by volunteers, Mearns FM is run as a not for profit organisation, broadcasting under a Community Radio licence, with a remit to provide local focus news ...
Mearns's Squirrel
... Mearns's squirrel (Tamiasciurus mearnsi) is a species of rodent in the family Sciuridae ... from the eastern gray squirrel, which was introduced to the range of Mearns's squirrel in 1946, but may not be present anymore ... Mearns's squirrel is closely related to the Douglas squirrel, but far less is known about its behavior, which was first studied in detail in 2004-2005 ...
Mearns Castle
... Mearns Castle is a fifteenth-century tower house in Newton Mearns, East Renfrewshire, to the south of Glasgow, Scotland ... It also gives its name to nearby Mearns Castle High School ...
Mearns Castle High School
... Mearns Castle High School is a secondary school situated on Waterfoot Road in Newton Mearns, an affluent commuter town in East Renfrewshire, Scotland roughly seven miles from Glasgow ... It was built in 1978, and pupils from Mearns Primary, Eaglesham Primary, Kirkhill Primary and Calderwood Lodge are all part of the school's catchment area ... Mearns Castle is situated next to Maxwell Mearns Church which hosts the numerous services for all yeargroups throughout the year ...
Máel Petair Of Mearns
... Máel Petair of Mearns is the only known Mormaer of the Mearns ... His name means "tonsured one of (Saint) Peter" ...