Meantone Temperament

Meantone temperament is a musical temperament, which is a system of musical tuning. In general, a meantone is constructed the same way as Pythagorean tuning, as a stack of perfect fifths, but in meantone, each fifth is narrow compared to the ratio 27/12:1 used in 12 equal temperament. The meantone temperament:

  • generates all non-octave intervals from a stack of tempered perfect fifths; and
  • by choosing an appropriate size for major and minor thirds, tempers the syntonic comma to unison.

Quarter-comma meantone is the best known type of meantone temperament, and the term meantone temperament is often used to refer to it specifically.

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Septimal Meantone Temperament
... In music, septimal meantone temperament, also called standard septimal meantone or simply septimal meantone, refers to the tempering of 7-limit musical intervals by a meantone temperament tuning in the range from ... Meantone temperament represents a frequency ratio of approximately 5 by means of four fifths, so that the major third, for instance C-E, is obtained from two ... Septimal meantone represents the frequency ratio of 56 by ten fifths, so that the interval 7/4 is reached by five successive tones ...
List Of Meantone Intervals
... The following is a list of intervals of extended meantone temperament ... refers to the size of the interval in 12 equal divisions of the octave temperament, which is the most common meantone temperament of the modern era, 19-EDO ... In How Equal Temperament Ruined Harmony (and Why You Should Care), pp ...
Tri-tone - Size in Different Tuning Systems
... In 12-tone equal temperament, the A4 is exactly half an octave (i.e ... In other meantone tuning systems, besides 12-tone equal temperament, A4 and d5 are distinct intervals because neither is exactly half an octave ... In any meantone tuning near to 2⁄9-comma meantone the A4 will be near to the ratio 7⁄5 (582.51) and the d5 to 10⁄7 (617.49), which is what these intervals are ...
Syntonic Temperament
... The syntonic temperament is a system of musical tuning in which the frequency ratio of each musical interval is a product of powers of an octave and a tempered perfect fifth, with the width of the tempered major ... Alternatively put, the syntonic temperament generates all non-octave intervals from a stack of tempered perfect fifths and tempers the syntonic comma to unison ... This is the same definition as that of the meantone temperament ...
Meantone Temperament - New Uses of Meantone Tunings
... Meantone is one of many possible tuning effects found in Dynamic Tonality (Plamondon, 2009). ...

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