Mayor of The Palace - Mayors of The Palace of Burgundy

Mayors of The Palace of Burgundy

  • Warnachar I (596–599)
  • Berthoald (before 603–604)
  • Protadius (604–606)
  • Claudius
  • Rado (613–617)
  • Warnachar II (617–626), also in Austrasia
  • Godinus (626–627)
  • Brodulf (627–628)
  • Aega (639–641), also in Neustria
  • Flaochad (642)
  • Radobertus (642–662)

Hereafter the office was united with that of Neustria, though Burgundy remained a separate realm under the King of Neustria and Burgundy. The administration of Burgundy was briefly separate under:

  • Drogo (695–708), son of Pepin the Middle, also duke of Champagne (from 690) and duke of Burgundy from Nordebert's death in 697

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