Maximum Entropy

Maximum entropy may refer to:

  • The principle of maximum entropy
  • The maximum entropy probability distribution
  • Maximum entropy spectral estimation
  • Maximum entropy spectral analysis
  • Maximum entropy thermodynamics
  • The law of maximum entropy production
  • Entropy maximization
  • Maximum entropy classifier

Other articles related to "maximum entropy, maximum, entropy":

Maximum Entropy Spectral Analysis
... Maximum entropy spectral analysis (MaxEnt spectral analysis) is a method of improving spectral quality based on the principle of maximum entropy ... It is simply the application of maximum entropy modeling to any type of spectrum and is used in all fields where data is presented in spectral form ... In maximum entropy modeling probability distributions are created on the basis of that which is known, and leads to a type of statistical inference about the missing information which is called the maximum ...
Max Ent - Applications - Prior Probabilities
... The principle of maximum entropy is often used to obtain prior probability distributions for Bayesian inference ... Jaynes was a strong advocate of this approach, claiming the maximum entropy distribution represented the least informative distribution ... A large amount of literature is now dedicated to the elicitation of maximum entropy priors and links with channel coding ...
Max Ent - Testable Information
... The principle of maximum entropy is useful explicitly only when applied to testable information ... Given testable information, the maximum entropy procedure consists of seeking the probability distribution which maximizes information entropy, subject to the constraints of the information ... Entropy maximization with no testable information takes place under a single constraint the sum of the probabilities must be one ...
Uninformative Priors
... Jaynes, is to use the principle of maximum entropy (MAXENT) ... The motivation is that the Shannon entropy of a probability distribution measures the amount of information contained in the distribution ... The larger the entropy, the less information is provided by the distribution ...

Famous quotes containing the words entropy and/or maximum:

    Just as the constant increase of entropy is the basic law of the universe, so it is the basic law of life to be ever more highly structured and to struggle against entropy.
    Václav Havel (b. 1936)

    Probably the only place where a man can feel really secure is in a maximum security prison, except for the imminent threat of release.
    Germaine Greer (b. 1939)