MAURICE - Surname


  • Ann Maurice (born 1951), American interior designer and house stager, called "The House Doctor"
  • Arthur Bartlett Maurice (1873–1946), American editor of the Woodbridge (NJ) Register
  • Benoît Maurice (born 1971), French football central defender
  • Charles G. Maurice (1911–1997), American teacher of dentistry and pioneer of endodontics
  • Christian III Maurice, Duke of Saxe-Merseburg (1680–1694), duke of Saxe-Merseburg
  • Clément Maurice (1853–1933), French photographer
  • David Maurice (1626–1702), Welsh priest and translator
  • Emmanuel Maurice, Duke of Elbeuf (1677–1763), duke of Elbeuf and prince of Lorraine
  • Emil Maurice (1897–1972), German watchmaker and senior Nazi Party official
  • Faucher de Saint-Maurice or Narcisse Henri Édouard Faucher (1844–1897), Canadian author, journalist, army officer and politician
  • Florian Maurice (born 1974), French footballer
  • Frederick Barton Maurice (1871–1951), British general, military correspondent, writer and academic
  • Frederick Denison Maurice (1805–1872), British author, theologian, and socialist
  • Henry Maurice (minister) (1634–1682), Welsh priest who became an Independent minister
  • Henry Maurice (theologian) (c. 1647–1691), Welsh clergyman and professor
  • Henry Gascoyne Maurice (1847–1950), English zoologist
  • James Maurice (1814–1884), American politician from New York
  • James Wilkes Maurice (1775–1857), United Kingdom Royal Navy officer
  • Jean-Eudes Maurice (born 1986), French-born Haitian footballer
  • Jean-Jacques Desvaux de Saint-Maurice (1775–1815), French general of the Napoleonic Wars
  • John Maurice of Nassau (1604–1679), Dutch prince, count, and governor of Dutch Brazilian possessions
  • John Frederick Maurice (1841–1912), English soldier and military writer
  • John D. Maurice, American writer and Pulitzer Prize winner
  • Leonard of Port Maurice (1676–1751), Italian preacher and ascetic writer
  • Marc-Boris St-Maurice, Canadian activist, politician and musician
  • María Belén Pérez Maurice (born 1985), Argentinian fencer
  • Mary Maurice (1844–1918), American actress
  • Paul Maurice (born 1967), Canadian hockey player and coach
  • Paule Maurice (1910–1967), French composer
  • Peter Maurice (bishop) (born 1951), English cleric - bishop of Taunton
  • Peter Maurice (priest) (1803–1878), Welsh priest and writer
  • Philip Maurice, Count of Hanau-Münzenberg (1605–1638), count of Hanau-Münzenberg
  • Richard Maurice (1893– fl. 1951), Cuban-American filmmaker and labor organizer
  • Robert Maurice or Robert Maurice-Mayer (died 2004), Canadian businessman and political figure
  • Thomas Maurice (fl. 1755–1824), English poet oriental scholar, historian, chaplain and vicar
  • William Maurice (1552–1622), Welsh politician
  • William Maurice, Prince of Nassau-Siegen (1649–1691), prince of Nassau-Siegen

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