• (adj): Relating to or characteristic of or befitting a parent.
    Synonyms: parental, paternal
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Sarcophaga Bullata - Other Research
... There is a maternal effect that operates in S ... shocks, food deprivation and reducing maternal size, were ineffective in altering the diapause-suppressant ... and pilocarpine all countered the maternal affect and permitted the expression of diapause in the flesh fly progeny ...
Maternal Near Miss - Sources
... "Implementing a Facility-Based Maternal and Perinatal Health Care Surveillance System in Afghanistan" ... (uses the term near-miss maternal death) Lewis, Gwyneth (2003) ... "Beyond the Numbers reviewing maternal deaths and complications to make pregnancy safer" ...
Maternal Near Miss - Background
... Maternal mortality is a sentinel event to assess the quality of a health care system ... The standard indicator is the Maternal Mortality Ratio, defined as the ratio of the number of maternal deaths per 100,000 live births ... number of cases makes the evaluation of maternal mortality practically impossible Historically, the study of negative outcomes have been highly successful in preventing their causes ...
Maternal Near Miss
... A maternal near miss (MNM) is an event in which a pregnant woman comes close to maternal death, but does not die – a "near-miss" ... Traditionally, the analysis of maternal deaths has been the criteria of choice for evaluating women’s health and the quality of obstetric care ...
Lachlan Lubanach Maclean - Ancestors
... Mother Daughter of Lord of the Braes of Lodiaber Maternal Grandfather Cumming, Lord of the Braes of Lodiaber Maternal Great-Grandfather Maternal Great-Grandmother Maternal ...

More definitions of "maternal":

  • (adj): Characteristic of a mother.
    Example: "Warm maternal affection for her guest"- Dorothy Sayers
  • (adj): Relating to or derived from one's mother.
    Example: "Maternal genes"
  • (adj): Related on the mother's side.
    Example: "My maternal grandmother"
    Synonyms: enate, enatic

Famous quotes containing the word maternal:

    Mothers have as powerful an influence over the welfare of future generations, as all other causes combined.
    —John Abbott. The Mother at Home; or the Principles of Maternal Duty, John Abbott, Crocker and Brewster (1833)

    Recent studies that have investigated maternal satisfaction have found this to be a better prediction of mother-child interaction than work status alone. More important for the overall quality of interaction with their children than simply whether the mother works or not, these studies suggest, is how satisfied the mother is with her role as worker or homemaker. Satisfied women are consistently more warm, involved, playful, stimulating and effective with their children than unsatisfied women.
    Alison Clarke-Stewart (20th century)