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Youth Organizations

A number of Masonic-affiliated youth organizations exist, mainly in North America, which are collectively referred to as Masonic youth organizations.

  • DeMolay International is the most common. Young men from 12 to 21 are eligible.
  • A.J.E.F., Asociacion de Jovenes Esperanza de la Fraternidad, for boys aged 14 to 21, active in México, the United States, and Latin America.
  • Knights of Pythagoras, for boys aged 8 to 18; sponsored by the Prince Hall Masons.
  • Job's Daughters. Young ladies from 10 to 20, who are daughters of Master Masons or daughters of a majority Job's Daughter, are eligible. The "Jobies" have Bethels in Australia, Brazil, Canada, the Philippines, as well as in many states of United States.
  • International Order of the Rainbow for Girls. Young ladies from 11 to 20 are eligible. The "Rainbow Girls" have Assemblies in Aruba, Australia (in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia), Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil (in Parana and São Paulo), Canada (in Ontario and New Brunswick), the Philippines, Italy, Mexico, Japan, and Guam. Rainbow has had assemblies in the following countries, mostly due to American military presence: Cuba, France, Panama and Vietnam, as well as in many states of United States.

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