The name Marni originates from several languages, including Hebrew, meaning "rejoice", and Latin as a variant of "Marina", meaning "of the sea". It also has derivations from Gaelic and Swahili. "Marni" and "Marnie" are the two most common spellings of the female first name, ranking 2446 and 1498, respectively, out of 4275 for females of all ages in the 1990 U.S. Census.

Due to its many derivations, a number of alternate spellings and related variant names exist, including:

  • Marni
  • Marnie
  • Marny, a Scandinavian variant of Marina
  • Marne
  • Marna
  • Marnette
  • Marnina

Famous bearers of this name include: As a given name:

  • Marnie Stern, an American musician, songwriter, and guitarist
  • Marni Angel, American rock star
  • Marni Brooks, actress
  • Marni Gillard, American storyteller
  • Marnie Hughes-Warrington, Australian professor and author
  • Marni Jackson, Canadian non-fiction author
  • Marni Kinrys, founder of the Wing Girl Method
  • Marni McGee, children's book author
  • Marnie Michaels, fictional character from the HBO series Girls (TV series)
  • Marni Nixon, Hollywood voice specialist
  • Marnie Reece-Wilmore, Australian actress
  • Marni Thompson, Canadian actress
  • Marnie Woodrow, Canadian writer and journalist

As a surname:

  • Helen Marnie, British musician
  • Sir Henry Marny
  • Robert de Marny

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