Marino, Mariño or Maryino may refer to:


  • Marino, Lazio, a town in the province of Rome, Italy
  • Marino, South Australia, a suburb of Adelaide
  • Marino, County Down in Northern Ireland
  • Marino railway station in County Down, Northern Ireland
  • Marino, Dublin, a suburb of Dublin, Ireland
  • Marino, Macedonia, a village in the Republic of Macedonia
  • Maryino District of Moscow, Russia
  • Maryino (Moscow Metro), a station of the Moscow Metro

As a name:

  • Marino (name), including people with the surname and given name
  • Marino, a thief in the video game Mega Man X: Command Mission
  • Marino (comic book), a comic book hero published by Editions Lug
  • Marino, was a surname of Saint Marina (Saint Marina the Monk), Lebanon.
  • Marino Marina, engineer, Lebanon.

Sports teams:

  • A.S.D. Città di Marino or simply Marino, an Italian association football team
  • CD Marino, a football team in the Canary Islands
  • Yokohama Marinos, a Japanese football team which merged with the Yokohama Flügels to form the Yokohama F. Marinos

Other uses:

  • Marino DOC, an Italian wine
  • Palazzo Marino, a 16th century palace in Milan, Italy

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