The surname Mainwaring ( /ˈmænərɪŋ/ or /ˌmeɪnˈwɛərɪŋ/) is an Anglo-Norman territorial surname deriving from "Mesnil Warin" (or "Mesnilwarin", "Mesnilvarin", "Mesnil Varin"), from the village of Le Mesnil Varin (= "the manor of Warin"), now Saint-Paër, Normandy. It may refer to:

  • Chris Mainwaring (1965–2007), Australian rules footballer and TV presenter
  • Daniel Mainwaring (1902–1977), American novelist and screenwriter
  • George Boulton Mainwaring (c. 1773-unknown), British politician
  • Henry Mainwaring (c. 1586-1653), pirate, lawyer, author and diplomat
  • Marion Mainwaring (b. 1922), American novelist
  • Matty Mainwaring (b. 1990), English footballer
  • Ranulph Mainwaring, Justice of Chester in the reign of Richard I (1189-1199)
  • Sam Mainwaring (1841–1907), Welsh socialist and syndicalist trade union activist
  • Sam Mainwaring, Jr., labor activist in Britain, South Africa and the United States; nephew of Sam Mainwaring
  • William Henry Mainwaring (1884–1971), British miner and politician
  • William Mainwaring (English politician) (in office 1786-1802), English politician, father of George Boulton Mainwaring

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... The Baronetcy of Mainwaring of Over-Peover has twice been created for members of the family of Mainwaring of Over-Peover, Cheshire ... by Charles II on his restoration, for Thomas Mainwaring, High Sheriff of Cheshire in 1657 and Knight of the Shire otherwise Member of Parliament for Cheshire ... by the second marriage Thomas Weterall eventually inherited the Mainwaring Cheshire estate and changed his surname to Mainwaring ...
Come In, Your Time Is Up - Plot
... However Mainwaring's attempts to give them a serious lecture on fieldcraft, are interrupted by the persistent concerns of Mr Blewett ... As Mainwaring tries to demonstrate the use of the platoons new bivouac tents, and the best way to eat a hedgehog, Mr Blewett objects to their 'improper' use of the Vicar's Garden ... To Mainwaring's annoyance, the Chief Warden's van appears - he has brought out the Sea Scouts for a camp of their own ...
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... In his later years, Mainwaring lived in London ... On Sunday, September 29, 1907, while addressing a meeting on Parliament Hill Fields, Mainwaring was stricken by faintness and subsequently died ... Mainwaring is credited with coining the phrase "anarcho-syndicalism" and it is for this he is best remembered ...

Famous quotes containing the word mainwaring:

    At first glance, everything looked the same. It wasn’t. Something evil had taken possession of the town.
    —Daniel Mainwaring (1902–1977)

    Love, desire, ambition, faith. Without them life’s so simple, believe me.
    —Daniel Mainwaring (1902–1977)

    The mind is a strange and wonderful thing. I’m not sure it’ll ever be able to figure itself out. Everything else, maybe, from the atom to the universe, everything except itself.
    —Daniel Mainwaring (1902–1977)