Mailer may refer to:

  • Mass mailer, a computer worm that spreads itself via e-mail
  • Mailer (occupation), an individual employed to handle newspapers from the press to the truck
  • Robert Mailer Anderson (born 1968), American novelist

People with the surname Mailer:

  • Dee Jay Mailer (21st century), educator
  • John Buffalo Mailer (born 1978), author, playwright and journalist
  • Kate Mailer (born 1962), American stage and film actress
  • Michael Mailer (born 1964), film producer
  • Norman Mailer (1923-2007), American novelist, journalist, essayist, poet, playwright, screenwriter, and film director
  • Ron Mailer (born 1932), Scottish footballer
  • Stephen Mailer (born 1966), American stage and screen actor

Other articles related to "mailer":

Barbary Shore
... Barbary Shore is Norman Mailer's second published novel, written after Mailer's great success with his 1948 debut The Naked and the Dead ... The failure of Barbary Shore and Mailer's next novel, The Deer Park (1955) triggered a decade-long hiatus from the novel by Mailer, which ended with the publication of ...
Strawhead - Debut and Aftermath
... critic Bonnie Greer, who shared a close relationship to Mailer and reviewed an initial version of the play, stated that what Mailer put on stage ultimately was not Monroe ... Rather, the play was more about "chronicling all Mailer's life as The Great, White, Male Heterosexual, "Big Daddy", "The Man."" In April 1986, it was first reported that Mailer's daughter ... characterizes a fictional interaction between Monroe and Mailer and an early draft had a clichéd Monroe giving a blowjob to the Mailer-interviewer character ...
Strawhead - Development
... In 1967, Norman Mailer had adapted his 1955 novel The Deer Park for an Off Broadway production ... Thirteen years later, in 1980, Norman Mailer's agent informed Mailer that Richard Hannum, then a Manhattan roommate of Godspell creator John-Michael Tebelak, American Pulitzer Prize-winning film ... Mailer agreed to work on the play since it would be a pleasant diversion "Novel writing is a lonely business ...
Strawhead - Production
... With the script finished, Mailer and the others set out to find the lead actress for the play ... In October 1982, Mailer was attending a Park Avenue dinner party given by Claus von Bülow, who at that time was on trial for the attempted murder of von Bülow's wife, Sunny ... Fitzpatrick was introduce to Mailer and spoke with Mailer during dinner after Mailer swapped the place cards to seat Fitzpatrick beside him ...

Famous quotes containing the word mailer:

    I was now at a university in New York, a professor of existential psychology with the not inconsiderable thesis that magic, dread, and the perception of death were the roots of motivation.
    —Norman Mailer (b. 1923)

    The natural role of twentieth-century man is anxiety.
    —Norman Mailer (b. 1923)

    When the wind carries a cry which is meaningful to human ears, it is simpler to believe the wind shares with us some part of the emotion of Being than that the mysteries of a hurricane’s rising murmur reduce to no more than the random collision of insensate molecules.
    —Norman Mailer (b. 1923)