Magnesian Limestone

Magnesian limestone can refer to:

  • For the rock made of magnesium carbonate i.e. Magnesian limestone see dolomite or dolostone
  • For the traditional name of a specific suite of Permian age rocks in north-east England see Magnesian Limestone

Other articles related to "magnesian limestone, limestone":

Bishop Middleham Quarry
... The underlying rock is magnesian limestone and this has had a strong influence in determining the range of plant and animal communities now found there ... a biodiversity conservation perspective is the species-rich unimproved magnesian limestone grassland, which covers just under 4.6 hectares of the site ... Magnesian limestone grassland supports an assemblage of calcicolous plants adapted to growing in thin soils with a short sward ...
Geology Of Yorkshire - Topography - The Magnesian Limestone Belt
... The Magnesian Limestone belt forms a narrow north- south oriented strip of undulating land on the eastern edge of the Pennines overlooking the Vale of York.The magnesian limestone deposits ... They are made up of a lower layer of dolomite and dolomitic limestone, which form the dominant landscape feature, overlain by red mudstone with gypsum ... There are numerous swallow holes caused by the underground dissolution of limestone and gypsum ...

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    Peering, I heard the hooves come down the hill.
    The posse passed, twelve horse; the leader’s face
    Was worn as limestone on an ancient sill.
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)