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Major Characters

  • Gaborn Val Orden - Prince of the Kingdom of Mystarria and the main character of the series.
  • Raj Ahten - Often referred to as the Wolf Lord, King of all Indhopal. Raj Ahten has taken thousands of endowments making him an exceptionally powerful Runelord.
  • Iome Sylvarresta - Princess of Heredon. Iome is Gaborn's love interest, is ever at Gaborn's side, and helps him in whatever ways possible throughout the novels.
  • Ivarian Borenson - A powerful, skilled, and fierce warrior with red hair, bodyguard to Prince Gaborn Val Orden.
  • Binnesman - An herbalist, wizard, and Earth Warden, Binnesman is first an advisor to King Sylvarresta and later to Gaborn Val Orden. Binnesman's goal is to protect mankind from extinction.
  • Myrrima - A young woman who serves Gaborn Val Orden, wife of Ivarian Borenson.
  • Averan - A young messenger and skyrider.
  • Erin Connall - A young horsewoman of Fleeds, a powerful warrior.
  • Prince Celinor - Son of King Anders of South Crowthen.

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