Maga may refer to:

  • Hubert Maga (1916–2000), a Benin politician
  • Maga, Cameroon, a commune in Extrême-Nord region
  • Maga Brahmins, an alternative term for Sakaldwipiya Hinhu priests
  • Maga, nickname of Blackwood's Magazine (1817–1980)

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Sakaldwipiya History - Maga in India - Modern India
... to the existence in Gaya, Bihar of a highly Cultured Maga Family, celebrated for its learning, Vedic studies and poetic faculty, whom Samb himshelf brought hither ... Other references to the Magas in inscriptions show that they completely amalgamated themselves with the Hindus by adopting Indian names, manners and customs, and except for the ... The famous astronomer Varahamihira was himshelf a Maga ...
Ljubomir Magaš
... Ljubomir Magaš (27 May 1948 – 10 November 1986) was a Yugoslav amateur boxer, streetfighter and gangster ... A three-time convicted rapist in Yugoslavia, Magaš rose to become the Yugoslav mafia crime boss and one of the most influential figures in Frankfurt ...
1963 Dahomeyan Coup D'état - Aftermath
... At the same time, a committee was established to investigate perceived wrongdoings by the Maga administration ... Maga was soon to find himself in jail too ... Soglo and Maga were friends ...