Lysander Spooner

Lysander Spooner (January 19, 1808 – May 14, 1887) was an American individualist anarchist, political philosopher, Deist, Unitarian abolitionist, supporter of the labor movement, legal theorist, and entrepreneur of the nineteenth century. He is also known for competing with the U.S. Post Office with his American Letter Mail Company, which was forced out of business by the United States government.

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Anarchism In The United States - Notable Anarchists - Lysander Spooner
... Lysander Spooner was an individualist anarchist who apparently worked with little association with the other individualists of the time, but came to approximately the same conclusions ... Spooner was a staunch advocate of "natural law," maintaining that each individually has a "natural right" to be free to do as one wishes as long as he refrains from initiating ... With this natural law came the right of contract, which Spooner found of extreme importance ...
Anarcho-capitalism - History - Nineteenth Century Individualist Anarchism in The United States
... Rothbard said in 1965 "Lysander Spooner and Benjamin T ... Rothbard disagreed with this, as he explains in The Spooner-Tucker Doctrine An Economist's View ... anarchists such as Tucker and Lysander Spooner have long argued that monopoly on credit and land interferes with the functioning of a free market economy ...

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