Luisa is a female name of German origin (from Ludwig) which means "glorious warrior". Luisa is the Italian form of the French "Louise", and has many variations: Luisella, Luisetta, Luigia, Maria Luisa. Its popularity derives from the cult of Saint Louise de Marillac of Paris, and mostly from Giuseppe Verdi's famous opera Luisa Miller.

The name may refer to:

  • Luisa Miller, an opera by Giuseppe Verdi
  • The Italian name for the opera Louise (opera)
  • Giovanni da Verrazzano's name for Block Island and hence, Rhode Island
  • Luisa Piccarreta also known as "Little Daughter of the Divine Will" is a proposed Roman Catholic saint
  • Luisa Warrington, fictional character in UK soap opera Family Affairs, played by Clare Byam-Shaw

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