Louis II

Louis II may refer to:

  • Louis II, Holy Roman Emperor (825–875)
  • Louis the German (804–876), king of East Francia
  • Louis the Stammerer, Louis II of France (846–879)
  • Louis II, Count of Loon (died 1218)
  • Louis II, Duke of Bavaria (1229–1294)
  • Louis I of Flanders, Louis II of Nevers, (1304–1346)
  • Louis II of Châtillon (died 1372)
  • Louis II of Flanders (1330–1384)
  • Louis II d'Évreux (1336–1400)
  • Louis II, Duke of Bourbon (1337–1410)
  • Louis II of Naples (1377–1417)
  • Louis II, Count of Montpensier (1483–1501)
  • Louis II de La Trémoille (1460–1525), French general
  • Louis II of Hungary and Bohemia (1506–1526)
  • Louis II, Cardinal of Guise (1555–1588)
  • Louis II de Bourbon, Prince de Condé (1621–1686), "the Great Condé"
  • Louis II of Holland (1804–1831)
  • Ludwig II of Bavaria (1845–1886), "Mad King Ludwig"
  • Louis II, Prince of Monaco (1870–1949)
  • Luís Filipe, Prince Royal of Portugal (1887–1908), a.k.a. Louis II, Duke of Braganza

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