Lotus Master

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Martial Masters - Characters
... films including Once Upon a Time in China, Drunken Master and Operation Scorpio ... Master Huang - He is not the same Huang Fei Hung from Alien Challenge however, they are both based on the real life folk hero Wong Fei Hung ... Drunk Master - Based in the character Druken Master of a movie with the same name featuring Jackie Chan as the young Wong Fei Hung ...
Zutara - Other Characters
... his age and apparent frailty, Bumi is an Earthbending master, himself claiming at one point to be "the most powerful Earthbender you'll ever see" ... others go looking for Aang and encounter the White Lotus Society ... It is later revealed that he is a member of the international Order of the White Lotus, as which he helped reconquer Ba Sing Se in the series finale ...

Famous quotes containing the words master and/or lotus:

    A man ceases to be a beginner in any given science and becomes a master in that science when he has learned that ... he is going to be a beginner all his life.
    —R.G. (Robin George)

    I passed a little further on and heard a lotus talk:
    Who made the world and ruleth it, He hangeth on a stalk,
    For I am in His image made, and all this tinkling tide
    Is but a sliding drop of rain between His petals wide.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)