Locks On The River Thames

Locks On The River Thames

The English River Thames is navigable from Cricklade (for small boats) or Lechlade (for larger boats) to the sea, and this part of the river falls 71 metres (234 feet). There are 45 locks on the river, each with one or more adjacent weirs. These lock and weir combinations are used for controlling the flow of water down the river, most notably when there is a risk of flooding, and provide for navigation above the tideway.

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Locks On The River Thames - List of Locks and Weirs
... The list of locks, weirs and ferries is given in upstream to downstream order, from source to sea ... Most of the older flash locks have disappeared and there are only three ferries still operating (Weybridge, Hampton and Hammerton's) ... Lock Date Recorded date of flash lock Fall Distance to next lock up Earlier weirs in this reach Ferries St John's Lock 1775. 0.85 m (2.8 ft) Buscot Lock 1790 1.69 m (5.5 ft) 1.85 km (1.15 mi) Grafton Lock 1896 ...

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