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Locked-In Retirement Account - Meaning of Locked-In
... Instead, the investment held in the locked-in account is "locked-in" and cannot be removed until either retirement or a specified age outlined in the applicable ... Any monetary amounts earned in the LIRA/LRSP through investment are also considered to be locked-in ...
Asda Mobile - Handsets
... Asda sell both unlocked and locked phones any phone sold on the Asda Mobile network is an unlocked, customisation-free phone that is just supplied with an Asda Mobile SIM alongside it ... mobiles sold on Asda Mobile's network tend to be dearer to buy than locked PAYG mobiles Asda Mobile does not provide an unlocking service, nor does it supply phones locked to rival supermarket retailers ...
Locked Out - Track Listings
... US Promotional CD "Locked Out" - 318 US single Live tracks recorded at The Town Country Club, London, 9 November 1991 ... Locked Out" - 318 "World Where You Live" (live) "It's Only Natural" (live) "Weather with You" (live) UK cassingle Live track recorded at the Hammersmith Apollo, England, 12 ... Locked Out" - 318 "Distant Sun" (live) - 419 UK CD single "Distant Sun" and "Sister Madly" recorded at the Hammersmith Apollo, England on 12 November 1993 "Hole in ...
Locked-In Retirement Account
... A Locked-In Retirement Account (LIRA), and the virtually identical Locked-in Retirement Savings Plan (LRSP), are Canadian investment accounts designed specifically to hold locked-in pension funds for ...
Locked Up (song) - Tracklisting
... UK CD Single "Locked Up" - 356 "Locked Up" (Featuring Styles P) - 350 "Locked Up" (Featuring Taz Styles P) - 354 "Locked Up" (Video) (Featuring Taz Styles P) - 354 UK 12" Vinyl "Locked Up" - 356 "Locked Up ...

Famous quotes containing the word locked:

    ... I was crying partly because I felt that this was expected of me, partly from genuine repentance, but partly also because of a deeper grief which is peculiar to childhood and not easy to convey: a sense of desolate loneliness and helplessness, of being locked up not only in a hostile world but in a world of good and evil where the rules were such that it was actually not possible for me to keep them.
    George Orwell (1903–1950)

    Our passions do not live apart in locked chambers but dress in their small wardrobe of notions, bring their provisions to a common table and mess together, feeding out of the common store according to their appetite.
    George Eliot [Mary Ann (or Marian)

    Never can the innate power of a work be hidden or locked away. A work of art can be forgotten by time; it can be forbidden and rejected but the elemental will always prevail over the ephemeral.
    Stefan Zweig (18811942)