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XM Satellite Radio - Company - Company Timeline
... with Motient in bankruptcy, they sell off their controlling interest in XM to Hughes Electronics, SingTel and Baron Capital Partners ... Hughes Electronics would go on to combine this new interest in with the interest already held by their subsidiary, DirecTV. 2004 January through March With the sale of Hughes Electronics from General Motors to Rupert Murdoch's News Corp ...
Roger Reynolds - Discography
... piano, and tape) Ping (1968, piano, flute, percussion, and live electronics) Traces (1969, flute, piano, cello, and live electronics) ROGER REYNOLDS DISTANT IMAGES (1987) – Lovely Music VR 1803 7-4529-51803-1-9 ... Process and Passion (2002, violin, cello, and electronics) ROGER REYNOLDS WHISPERS OUT OF TIME (2007) – mode 183 Symphony (1990, orchestra) Whispers Out of Time (1988, orchestra ...
Trumpet Repertoire - Electroacoustic
... Peter Burt, Auf dem Wasser zu spielen for trumpet, tape and live electronics Christopher Cerrone, How to Breathe Underwater for male voice, bass clarinet, trumpet, trombone, pre-recorded electronics Quinn ... Tattva for trumpet and tape Yan Maresz, Metallics for trumpet and electronics Olga Neuwirth, Addio...sognando for trumpet and tape Tae Hong Park, t1 for trumpet and tape Andrew ...
Louis Andriessen - Works
4 trombones Anachronie I (1966–67) for large orchestra The Garden of Ryoan-gi (1967) for 3 electronic organs Worum es ging und worum es geht (1967) (with Misha Mengelberg) for ... choruses (4 voices each), orchestra (11 winds, 7 brass, 2 guitars, 11 keyboards, 10 strings), live electronics De negen symfonieën van Beethoven (1970) for ice cream bell ... may be performed as a concert work) Tuin van Zink (1998) for viola and live electronics Writing to Vermeer (1997–99) (libretto by Peter Greenaway) Opera for 2 ...
Laptronica - Notable Works 1960–69
4 players) Modulation 2 (1967), for 13 instruments and live electronics Akroasis (1966–68) for large orchestra with jazz band, two singers, live electronics, hurdy-gurdy, music box, and newsreader David ...

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    We live in a highly industrialized society and every member of the Black nation must be as academically and technologically developed as possible. To wage a revolution, we need competent teachers, doctors, nurses, electronics experts, chemists, biologists, physicists, political scientists, and so on and so forth. Black women sitting at home reading bedtime stories to their children are just not going to make it.
    Frances Beale, African American feminist and civil rights activist. The Black Woman, ch. 14 (1970)

    The king-times are fast finishing. There will be blood shed like water, and tears like mist; but the peoples will conquer in the end. I shall not live to see it, but I foresee it.
    George Gordon Noel Byron (1788–1824)