Liu Seong Kuntao - Chinese Hands and Indonesian Feet

Chinese Hands and Indonesian Feet

Being a synthesis, it has many tactics to draw upon. One basic recognition of this is found in the expression, Chinese hands and Indonesian feet. This refers to the basic combination of Chinese-style (neijia) biomechanics and Indonesian style footwork patterns. The China Hand component teaches good body alignment for power. Indonesian Feet teaches mobility and positioning through the use of footwork 'patterns'.

Because it is greatly influenced by silat, the Liu Seong System is what is known as 'blade aware', and this is reflected in many elements of the posture. Although weapons are rarely used in practice, except in advanced training, movements are made 'as if' the opponent was wielding a knife, stick, or one of other numerous weapons, gun defense techniques do exist, within the context of the system to address this modern concern. The postures used tend to protect most major vital areas and this protection is maintained at all times. This method is known as 'closed body' movement. The closed body movement also has the effect of 'winding up' the practitioners arms and legs so that he can strike out quickly and 'close up' again so as not to unnecessarily expose the vitals to attack. The guard shape and techniques used in this 'closed body' system are very distinctive and tend to constitute the 'signature' of the system. in great part this 'closed' condition is maintained by the continual position of the back hand in a guard position. Whenever the basic guard posture is changed or a strike is thrown the backup will be in a 'guardian' position.

Often, it is taken to be a form of Pakuachang, although seemingly more angular in nature. Many are of the impression that kuntao and Pakuachang are either the same or highly related. Others cite parallel evolution. Given Reeders' history and circumstance, it is entirely likely he knew both arts. Despite the origin, known or not, in the Liu Seong system there is an inherent use of angulation that tends to be very advantageous in a combat situation, coupled with continuous non-stop entry and penetration. The art doesn't, however, 'go around' to someone to strike, it 'goes to' the target with the use of angles to avoid the opponent's attack. there are a large volume of counter-attack techniques in the system. Counter-time or interceptive techniques are also prevalent.

These are a few of the basic characteristics of the system which is a unique combination of the Chinese and Indonesian elements from which is it created.

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