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Listed Buildings In The United Kingdom - Listed Buildings in The United Kingdom
... The lists for the countries of the UK are at Listed buildings in England Listed buildings in Scotland Listed buildings in Northern Ireland Listed buildings in Wales. ...
List Of Places Of Worship In Crawley - Listed Status
... English Heritage has awarded listed status to seven church buildings in the district ... A building is defined as "listed" when it is placed on a statutory register of buildings of "special architectural or historic interest" in accordance with the ... interest" Grade II* is used for "particularly important buildings of more than special interest" and Grade II, the lowest, is used for buildings of "special interest" ...
Listed Buildings In The United Kingdom
... This is a list of Listed buildings in the United Kingdom ... Different classifications of listed buildings are used in different parts of the United Kingdom England and Wales Grade I, Grade II* and Grade II Scotland ...
Landore - Industrial Heritage
... can't be far from home, I think." Landore has a number of listed buildings from its industrial past ... There is a campaign to make the remaining historical buildings in the Lower Swansea valley, including Landore, a World Heritage Site ... Grade II listed buildings include Pier to former Waste Tip Tramroad adjoining boundary wall, Hafod Copper Works off Neath Road Copper Slag Abutment to former Waste Tip Tramroad, Hafod Copper Works off Neath ...
Listed Property - England and Wales - Altering A Listed Building
... In England and Wales, the management of listed buildings is the responsibility of local planning authorities and the Department for Communities and Local Government (i.e ... not DCMS, which originally listed the building) ... There is a general principle that listed buildings are put to ‘appropriate and viable use’ and recognition that this may involve the re-use and modification of the building ...

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