List of You're Under Arrest Episodes - Television Series - Season 1

Season 1

File # Episode Name Original air date
5 "The Beauty, His Name is Aoi"
"utsukushi kimono, nanji no mei ha aoi" (美しきもの、汝の名は葵)
The Bokuto Police Precinct welcomes Aoi Futaba to the police department. It is noticed that Aoi's personality is transgender, acting more feminine than masculine. Natsumi, Miyuki, and Ken are eager to help Aoi become more virile. However, they realize that the development of his feminine characteristics was necessary for his prior job to catch sexual predators. Aoi's high school friend comes to the station looking for him, explaining that a boy is being bullied by some street punks for the sneakers he is currently wearing. Aoi, using an alias to hide his identity, takes his friend to the scene of the crime, to retrieve the sneakers, ultimately revealing his identity to his high school friend.
6 "Frightening Judge from Hell, Superintendent Arizuka"
"kyoufu no enma daiou, ariduka keishi sei" (恐怖の閻魔大王・蟻塚警視正)
The precinct is preparing for an inspection conducted by Takao Arizuka, the superintendent of the headquarters. Coincidentally, Natsumi is suffering from a hangover, worsening the situation. Miyuki, Ken, Yoriko, and Aoi do their best to clean up the station, while concealing all the toys and trinkets at the same time. When Arizuka arrives, he immediately finds all the collectible items that were supposedly stored away. Miyuki later gives him a tour of the station, much to his disappointment. It has been reported that an adolescent girl in a drunken stupor has climbed to the top of a bridge to attempt to commit suicide in front of her boyfriend. Ken is sent to confront the girl, convincing her not to kill herself. Aoi arrives on a firetruck ladder with rope to retrieve the girl. All goes wrong when the girl falls off the bridge. Nevertheless, Natsumi and Miyuki are able to save her.
7 "The Messenger of Justice? The Mysterious Strike Otoko!"
"seigi no shisha? kaiketsu sutoraiku otoko!" (正義の使者? 怪傑ストライク男!)
A vigilant, deeming himself Strike Man, is seen running amok, seemingly practicing criminal justice on innocent citizens. Natsumi and Miyuki later become irritated by his consistency. The officers suspect that Ken is Strike Man, much to his chagrin. Fortunately, Miyuki proves him to be innocent. Strike Man stops a motorcyclist, due to avoiding railroad crossing regulations. Ken tries to catch up with him, only to let him get away. Later at night, a plan is devised to have Ken disguised as Strike Man, which, in turn, lures in the real Strike Man. This leads to a duel, where Strike Man is the pitcher and Natsumi is the batter. Though he has admitted defeat, he continues being a unlawful crime fighter thereafter.
8 "Lucky Yoriko's Great Match"
"rakkii yoriko no taishou fu!" (ラッキー頼子の大勝負!)
Yoriko is challenged by Chie Sagamiono, her former classmate at the police academy, to a duel. Chie explains that Yoriko was the only one to graduate with a higher grade point average than her, much to everyone's surprise. Thus, she schedules the duel the following week. After a week of training of strength and stamina, the duel is going underway. The condition of the race is to issue as much traffic tickets as possible before sundown. Natsumi and Miyuki monitor Yoriko via webcam, noticing that she is more concerned with pedestrian crossing assistances than traffic violations. At sundown, Chie boasts about to achievement in front of Yoriko. However, it is revealed that Yoriko receives a special service commendation award for her selfless acts.
9 "Devious Love Triangle?"
"koi no meisou toraianguru?" (恋の迷走トライアングル?)
Ken is seen talking to a girl at a local head shop, suspecting a love affair between the two. It is overheard that he wants to meet the girl's father promptly, though mistaking that he wants permission from her father for her hand in marriage. Miyuki becomes overwhelmed by the possible thoughts. Natsumi and Miyuki later goes to mall to shop for clothes, eat food, and play at a video arcade to try to take their minds off of Ken. Miyuki reminisces about helping Ken renovating his motorcycle, putting her in slight depression. Natsumi and Miyuki later spots Ken and the girl riding on a motorcycle, forcing the two to chase after them. However, Yoriko and Aoi summon the two to help issue tickets on vehicles violating parking regulations. Ken soon shows up to bring Miyuki a tachometer as a birthday present, knowing that Miyuki was looking for one. He explains that the girl's father sells vintage car parts, making this convenient for Ken. She thanks him by making him bento for lunch the next day.
10 "The Totally Invisible Gentsuki Obaa-san!"
"kanzen muteki no gentsuki oba" (完全無敵の原付おばさん)
An elderly woman, known as the 50 C.C. Old Lady, contravenes every traffic law in order to go after discounts and sale events in various department stores. Concurrently, the precinct is under siege as a rash of motor scooter thefts keeps the traffic division busy. Ken attempts to confidently pursue the 50 C.C. Old Lady, only to end in failure. She later comes to the precinct in tears, expounding that her supposed scooter was hijacking, which, consequentially, urges Natsumi and Miyuki to search for it. They go to numerous stores, but the 50 C.C. Old Lady becomes distracted by all the abated items. They eventually find two men riding in a van responsible for the thefts, witnessing the scooter of the 50 C.C. Old Lady being stolen. She manages to infiltrate the van and get back her scooter, continuing her habitual shopping sprees and traffic transgressions as usual.
11 "Santa Clause Panic!"
"santakurousu panikku !" (サンタクロース・パニック!)
The officers of the precinct are preparing for Christmas, an occasion of cheer and celebration. Miyuki is seen knitting a sweater for Ken, while, on the other hand, Ken is seen making reservations at a local restaurant for Miyuki. A thievery occurs at a house of a child, named Maho, by a man dressed as Santa Claus, stealing all the jewelry and money her parents had. When Natsumi and Miyuki go out to find this burglar, they find Strike Man impersonating Santa Claus, much to their dismay. They later encounter the burglar, but they eventually lose sight of him, as he blends in with a crowd of men costumed as Santa Claus. Strike Man finds the burglar littering, punishing him for his actions. As Strike Man leaves, the burglar tries to escape. Reluctantly, Natsumi and Miyuki manage to catch him. Ken, dressed as Santa Claus, gives Maho a teddy bear as a present. Ken unfortunately misses his restaurant reservations, but Miyuki fortunately bestows the knitted sweater to him.
12 "I Want to be a Policewoman"
"fujinkeikan ninaritaa i" (婦人警官になりたーい)
Saori Saga, a fickle teenager, is nearly run over by Osyo, after trying to pick up her cellular phone she dropped on the middle of the road. She is taken back to Osyo's shrine, where she is aspired to become a priestess. Natsumi and Miyuki arrive and take her to the train station, however runs into trouble with two drunken men and accidentally slips off the platform. Natsumi manages to pull her away from an oncoming train, while Miyuki manages to stop the men. She then wishes to become a police officer instead. Natsumi and Miyuki want Saori to realize that the reality of a police officer is not what it seems. Saori later meets two confidence artists, imposing as a movie director and a camera operator, being brought to an apartment room. She discreetly contacts Osyo via cellular phone, while he informs Natsumi and Miyuki on the location of the apartment. Though the perverted impostors find out about her discreetness, Natsumi and Miyuki successfully break in the room, allowing them to catch the sexual predators. Saori pledges to become a police officer thereafter.
13 "Huge Trouble at the Onsen!"
"fukei, yu kemuri oosoudou!" (婦警、湯けむり大騒動!)
The officers take a take a trip to a ostensibly rundown hot springs resort for the winter break. Two snowboarders, coming down a slope, start harassing Yoriko and Aoi, until they are interrupted by Natsumi and Miyuki. Ken soon arrives to call the four for dinner back at the lodge. Later in the evening, Natsumi, Miyuki, and Yoriko take a bathe in the hot springs. The snowboarders become voyeuristic, attempting to catch a glimpse of the three, but they got caught. They venture again when they sneak into Aoi's room, only to be found out by Natsumi and Miyuki. Ken comes in informing all of them that the vacation money has been stolen. Using a tractor, Natsumi, Miyuki and the two snowboarders follow fresh tracks of a snowmobile leading from the lodge. The four, using teamwork, are able to spot and catch the culprit, thereby returning the money safe and sound.
14 "Manjus are Scary!! Natsumi's Edo Era Dream"
"manjuu kowai ! natsumi no ooedo daisakusen" (饅頭こわい! 夏実の大江戸大作戦)
After seeing a set of manjū in the refrigerator, Natsumi snags them. However, after an officer finds her in the kitchen, she incidentally slips and hits her head. She awakens in the Edo period, a division of Japanese history which was ruled by the shoguns of the Tokugawa family. Ken tells her that a murder has occurred near the riverbank, later revealing that Aoi is the witness of this event. Natsumi and Ken pass by Miyuki, who is schedule to give a physical checkup on Osyo, depicted as Aoi's father, while Aoi recounts how she encountered the assassin and the victim. While going to Miyuki's house to pay off his debt, Osyo becomes the next victim of the assassin. While Yoriko and Kachou accuse Miyuki being the serial killer, they are attacked by the real cutthroat. The evidence of a maple leaf, a hot spring, a red-and-white cloth, and manjū leads Miyuki and Ken to later realize that Natsumi is the suspect. Being diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder and unaware of her alter ego, she awakens from the haunted nightmare, only to be scolded by the others for stealing all the manjū.
15 "Game! Sagamiono Chie's Rematch"
"shoubu! sagamioono sen megumi futatabi" (勝負! 相模大野千恵ふたたび)
Chie, being her kvetching self, challenges Yoriko yet again, proposing a paintball match. Yoriko asks Natsumi, Miyuki, and Aoi to be on her team. Meanwhile, two addle thieves are seen driving away with stolen money, losing their sense of direction in the process. At the Sagamiono estate, Yoriko and her seemingly amateur team are met with Chie and her perceptually elite team. Ironically, the two thieves unknowingly arrive at the estate as well, mistaking the paintball pistols as real handguns. When Yoriko faces Chie, the two thieves try to convince the two to cease fire. However, Yoriko accidentally shoots both of them, putting them both in a comatose state. Though Yoriko is eventually defeated, she luckily receives another commendation for catching the two thieves.
16 "Mystery! Nakajima's Double"
"nazo!? futarino nakashima" (謎!? ふたりの中嶋)
Natsumi and Miyuki encounter a motorcyclist wearing sunglasses resembling that of Ken. Gossips and rumors spread about Ken quiting the police department to become a professional racer. They cross paths with the motorcyclist a second time in a line of traffic. Ken is able to catch up to him, identifying him as Daimaru Nakajima, his father. Daimaru mistakes Natsumi for being Ken's girlfriend, much to Miyuki's shame. Later on, Natsumi tries to convince Miyuki to admit for feelings for Ken in front of Daimaru, only to turn out unsuccessful. Natsumi then tries to persuade her to show Daimaru her driving skills in her car. Coincidentally, another biker shows up to race against Daimaru. Daimaru is very impressed to see Miyuki tailing him, however he loses concentration, resulting in injury. While Miyuki treats his wound, he ultimately decides to accept her relationship with Ken.
17 "The 20-year-old is his Mother"
"20 sai noano musume hao kaasan" (20才のあの娘はお母さん)
Natsumi and Miyuki are welcomed by Sena Wakabayashi, a women from who is twenty years old, who explains that she will soon be Ken's stepmother. After Sena drops Ken to the precinct, gossips and rumors spread concerning his relationship with her. Sena later comes back to deliver lunch to Ken, causing further embarrassment. Natsumi and Miyuki offers Sena to spend the night at their house. Sena recalls falling in love with Daimaru when she first encountered him on a mountain pass. Miyuki suggests Sena to take Ken on a shopping spree. Ken is disturbed by having Sena as his mother, only thinking of her as a little sister. Miyuki and Ken stay behind to tend to Sena, who has been run over by two guys who have stolen her car, while Natsumi and Daimaru barricade the two guys.
18 "The Search and Kill Mission! The Strike Girls Party"
"yuugeki! sutoraiku shoujo tai" (遊撃! ストライク少女隊)
Strike Man recruits three defenseless girls in his Strike Youth Brigade. These girls, masked and disguised, attack two troublesome boys from their elementary school for their sense of justice. Natsumi and Miyuki suspect Strike Man is behind these attacks. Natsumi and Miyuki find another boy from the same school, who obliges them in searching for the girls. After the girls are found out, they unmask themselves, explaining of their sense of justice. The third boy runs into a demolished building to escape the fury of the girls. The boy appears on the roof, but the building starts to collapse, sending him dangling from a ladder. Natsumi, Miyuki, and one of the girls travel inside the building to retrieve the boy. The building continues to crumble as the girl attempts to save the boy. Miyuki is able to catch the boy, while Natsumi is able to catch the girl. Strike Man's appearance causes more trouble, but the four make it out of the building safely.
19 "The Fragments of a Dream. A Legendary Tuner."
"yume nokakera, densetsu no chuunaa" (夢のかけら、伝説のチューナー)
Natsumi's motorcycle breaks down, forcing her to search for an motorcycle repair shop in the city. She meets an elderly mechanic, who leaves her with tools to fix the motorcycle on her own. The mechanic guides Natsumi in fixing the clutch cable connection, as well as checking the brake hydraulic fluid level, lubricating the chain drive, and changing the engine oil. Natsumi later introduces the mechanic to Miyuki, who is familiar with the mechanic's history. Daimaru, who is an acquaintance of the mechanic, shows up, recalling of their traumatizing accident with their motorcycle during a race ten years ago. After revealing that the same motorcycle was hidden in the mechanic's garage, Natsumi decides to take it for a test-drive, while the mechanic witnesses her breaking his recorded time.
20 "Fight! Traffic Squadron OBI Three"
"tatakae! koutsuu sentai oubisurii" (戦え! 交通戦隊オービスリー)
Yoriko directs a play educating the preschoolers about traffic safety. However, the theme depicts that of an intergalactic setting. Ken depicted as a monster, Miyuki as a schoolgirl, and Natsumi, Yoriko, and Aoi as space cadets. Meanwhile, an occult sees a flyer for the play and decides to attend it. Seeing how it does not interest the preschoolers, the leader of the occult alter the space cadet costumes with remote-controlled smoke bombs in order to excite the play. The occult display a smokescreen effect on the stage, surprising the space cadets. They force Ken to attack the three, setting off the smoke bombs. Miyuki is soon able to send a signal countering the frequency of the smoke bombs. Natsumi uses Yoriko and Aoi to defeat Ken and the occult. The occult then uses smokescreen to make a dramatic exit, convincing the preschoolers to obey traffic laws.
21 "A Bank Robbery Evaluation Manual"
"ginkougoutou taisaku manyuaru" (銀行強盗対策マニュアル)
Miyuki and Natsumi are seen attempting to rob a local bank in order to undergo special training. Though it is later found out that it was a drill for a department issued by Arizuka. Natsumi and Miyuki are able to hack into the surveillance video feed, as well as to jam the cellular phone frequencies. The two then proceed by opening the bank vault, safe-cracking the combination lock. They are chased by the inspected department in the sewerage system underground, however they are able to escape with their police car. The precinct celebrates as Natsumi and Miyuki have passed their special training.
22 "Nikaido Yoriko's Day Off"
"nikaidou yoriko no kyuujitsu" (二階堂頼子の休日)
Kachou informs the precinct that a prince fled from a coup d'état of his kingdom in the Middle East, ending up living in exile in Tokyo. Ironically, this is also Yoriko's day off from work. Yoriko first encounters the prince, whom she does not recognize as, not accustomed to city life in various situations. While the two relax at a park, the prince describe her as being altruistic, to which she responds by telling him about her job as a police officer. The prince wants Yoriko to take him to shrine to pray concerning the coup d'état, to which she is unaware of. After the prince explains his exile in Tokyo, Yoriko encourage him to return to his kingdom, later realizing that he is in fact a prince. Kachou orders Yoriko to oblige in seeing the prince again before he departs.
23 "The Flower that Blooms on a Virgin Road"
"vaajinroudo ni hana ga saku" (ヴァージンロードに花が咲く)
The precinct is preparing for Daimaru and Sena's wedding. At the Nakajima motorcycle repair shop, everyone is making decorations and festivities for the wedding. The question concerning Miyuki and Ken's relationship arises, creating tension between the two. As everyone arrives at the destination of the forthcoming wedding, Daimaru's motorcycle gang and Sena's race car crew soon show up. The motorcycle priest will hold a tradition race of the motorcyclists, however Miyuki convinces the race to be snail-paced. After many disqualifications from numerous racers, Ken reluctantly is deemed the winner. The wedding ceremony is performed and the honeymoon is underway.
24 "Aoi's White Rose"
"aoi chanha shiroi bara" (葵ちゃんは白い薔薇)
A famous actor comes by the precinct to be honored to act as chief for the day. Aoi is asked to be the actor's assistant and personal bodyguard. At the autograph booth, the actor is met by an elongated line of females fans to sign flyers for his upcoming movie. As Aoi later retrieves more flyers from the storage room, two envious fans attack her. However, the actor stops them just in time. During the parade, the actor fails to muster enough courage to ask her a personal question. On the roof of the station, Aoi and the actor reminisces about their previous encounter in a garden of red and white roses. The actor then asks for her hand in marriage. Nevertheless, Aoi struggles to give an answer. Aoi later shows up at the actor's banquet, surprisingly wearing a tuxedo instead of a dress. In the garden by the fountain, Aoi shockingly reveals her true masculine identity. In an interview the next day, the actor talks about his time at the precinct, discreetly recognizing his respects for Aoi.
25 "Run Strike Man Run!"
"sutoraiku otoko hashiru hashiru" (ストライク男走る走る)
Strike Man runs into a woman who is chased by a man. He is able to defeat the man, but becomes suspicious of the woman. The woman says that her father borrowed money from a loan office nearby. It is later revealed that the couple are duping him to rob the loan office. Upon entering the office, Yoriko, impersonating a desk clerk, gives Strike Man three suitcases seemingly full of cash, however it is shown that transmitters have been implanted in all of them. Miyuki and Natsumi, along with Yoriko and Aoi, follow the couple to their hideout, with Strikeman chasing after them. Strike Man clumsily breaks into the couple's hideout, discovering he was used in their scheme. The couple is then arrested for aiding and abetting in robbery.
26 "A Red Dress and a Knife"
"akai doresu ni kiken na naifu" (赤いドレスに危険なナイフ)
Inspector Tokuno explains that a maniacal criminal is seen at aristocratic parties, slashing red dresses worn by women with his knife. In order to go undercover Ken and Aoi, who is to wear the red dress, must pose as a couple at a party held on a yacht. Natsumi and Kachou come to the party a couple as well, while Miyuki and Yoriko are disguised as waitresses. Ken and Aoi dance to blend in with the crowd. A man appearing to be he criminal soon manages to find Aoi, attempting to molest her. As Natsumi and Miyuki come looking for her, Aoi copes to shake him off. After the said criminal has been caught, Miyuki and Aoi exchange outfit, giving Ken the chance to be with Miyuki. When the actual criminal shows up, Natsumi, tries to attack him, only to be sprayed by sleeping gas. Ken, who has also been sprayed, intervenes and restricts the criminal from harming Miyuki. When the criminal almost stabs Ken, Tokuno arrives and defeats the criminal.
27 "The ABC's of Driving"
"kyoushuujo ressun ABC" (教習所レッスンABC)
Natsumi is to take driver's education to obtain her driver's license. However, it is recognized that her colleagues are gambling to see whether or not Natsumi will pass the driving test. As a crowd of people witness her test, Miyuki and Yoriko, even Kachou, come to check up on her. It is seen that the father and son, the manager and teacher of the school respectively, plan to prevent Natsumi from getting her driver's license, after seeing her reckless driving firsthand. To the shock of the precinct, Natsumi has attained her learner's permit. The father customizes the car with resistance, making it more difficult for Natsumi to drive. When a truck driver violates traffic regulations, Natsumi is able to withstand the restriction of the car, allowing her to drive reckless. The father, realizing that she is a police officer, is impressed by her driving skills. The truck driver is eventually arrested, with the assistance of Miyuki and Yoriko. Natsumi receives her driver's license, much to everyone's surprise.
28 "Chase Down Imposter No. 704"
"kaitou 704 gou wo oi tsumero" (怪盗704号を追いつめろ)
The precinct is assigned to visit some of the senior citizens in the community, in order to be on a lookout for a thief who robs the elderly. Yoriko and Aoi meets an old man, while Ken is greeted by an old woman. Natsumi is dropped off by Miyuki at another elderly woman's house, unaware that the thief has already infiltrated the house. The thief disguises himself, voice and appearance, as the elderly woman. He desperately tried to get rid of her, making up fibs and excuses. Miyuki later comes, causing more tension for the thief. To make matters worse, Ken delivers a chest of drawers to the house, since his assigned woman wanted to return it back. After the actual elderly woman returns to her home, Miyuki and Natsumi catch the thief.
29 "The Appearance of a Rival - The Race at Dawn"
"raibaru shutsugen akatsuki no reusu" (ライバル出現・暁のレース)
Sena begins scheming on how to get Miyuki and Ken together. Sena's cousin, Yuichi, come to visit at her motorcycle repair shop. Yuichi happens to be a famous motorcycle racer. Miyuki becomes flustered when Sena compares Yuichi to Ken. Yuichi gives Miyuki a paddock pass for his upcoming race. After a victorious race, Yuichi shows Miyuki his motorcycle in the paddock, which raises envy for Ken. Yuichi later challenges Ken to a race with Miyuki as collateral. It is revealed that Sena devised a scheme to get Ken to admit his feelings to Miyuki. As the race with Ken versus Yuichi commences, Miyuki hangs in the balance. After a neck and neck race, Yuichi admits defeat and wishes Ken good luck with Miyuki.
30 "Riko Forever"
"itoshino riko chanyo eien ni" (いとしのリコちゃんよ永遠に)
Natsumi and Miyuki travel to a shopping mall in order to go shopping for apparel. Gossips and rumors began to flourish within the mall, concerned of a possible bomb threat. The customers and employees are advised to evacuate the mall, however Natsumi and Miyuki are uninformed. Tokuno briefs them about the bomb threat. The bomber contacts the mall, creating a game of riddles. Natsumi and Miyuki fray to find the first clue, known as Rico. Everyone eventually figures out that Rico is a former doll that appears on the clock tower. They find the bomb attached to Rico, supposedly able to diffuse it. After another call from the bomber, hinting of a massive bomb, Natsumi, Miyuki, and even Tokuno manage to find his whereabouts and catch him. After interrogating him, they soon realize that the new bomb is planted in the middle of the clock tower dolls. Natsumi and Miyuki race to the roof, where they are to pry open the clock face from the outside in order to get to the bomb. When the hour is struck, Natsumi strains to prevent the other dolls from setting off the bomb, while Miyuki attempt to successfully diffuse it.
31 "A Duel at -40 Degrees"
"mainasu 40 do no kettou" (マイナス40度の決闘)
News broadcasting reports that a biopharmaceutical laboratory has been robbed. Saori, still determined to be a police officer, tells a group of preschoolers to return lost and found items within a shopping mall, diverting it into a game. Upon finding a briefcase in a telephone booth, she gives it to Natsumi and Miyuki for safe keeping. Unfortunately, she is caught by a crook, who is looking for the briefcase, in a nearby park. When Saori disappears, the preschoolers take notice of her handbag she supposedly left behind, as they decide to take that to Natsumi and Miyuki. Saori calls the precinct, to meet her at a warehouse. As the preschoolers deliver the handbag to Natsumi and Miyuki, the two search meet Saori outside the warehouse. The crook and his gang surround the three, revealing that the briefcase contains bacteria stolen from the biopharmaceutical laboratory. Tokuno later arrives to arrest the gang, thanking Natsumi, Miyuki, and Saori for a job well done.
32 "Takeoff! Natsumi's Super Machine"
"hasshin! natsumi no suupaamashin" (発進! 夏実のスーパーマシン)
Natsumi finds herself without wheels after she wrecks her motorcycle. She considers buying a car, much to everyone's dismay. After Natsumi purchases her car, Miyuki realizes how schlock it really is. Meanwhile, Aoi tells Yoriko that she has been set up by a blind date, thanks to her neighbor. Natsumi, feeling depressed, becomes blindsided by the fact that the car salesperson was a fraud. Miyuki does her best to modify the rundown car, customizing it to Natsumi's needs. Miyuki unveils the revamped car to Natsumi, recognizing the hybrid features with that of a motorcycle. Natsumi and Miyuki track down the pseudo salesperson, as he tries to escape. The two catch up with him after he crashes on the bridge. Moreover, Aoi finds out that his blind date is the fake salesperson.
33 "Kyaa! An Idol Encircling Web"
"kya ! aidoru houi ami" (キャ〜! アイドル包囲網)
Toki, a celebrity idol, has violated parking regulations, putting Natsumi and Miyuki ill at ease. When he disregards traffic laws, this raises suspicion. It is later found out that his driving infringement records were all deleted. A traffic safety campaign is to be held near the precinct, and will be advertised by Toki. So Natsumi, Miyuki, and Ken devise a plan to exploit Toki for breaking traffic rules. The three chase Toki toward the precinct, where he is unaware that the media and press arrived early.
34 "Day-off at 250 Meters Above Ground"
"chijou 250 meutoru no kyuuka" (地上250メートルの休暇)
Strong winds have been reported for the forecast throughout the Tokyo area. The observation deck of the Tokyo Tower has been closed due to the strong winds approaching. Natsumi, Miyuki, Yoriko, and Aoi way their way back toward the tower on a helicopter. Kachou spots a boy who is the president of his investigation club. A thief steals a bag of valuable items, including that of a woman's purse. The thief demands for a key to the stairs leading to the upper deck of the tower. Once outside, the thief is overpowered by the strong winds, blowing away the bag of stolen items. Kachou cautiously attempts to save the thief from falling over the handrails. As the boy walks outside, Kachou grabs him, injuring his ankle in the process, before the strong winds whoosh and jam the door. The precinct is contacted to send a rescue team to retrieve Kachou and the boy, aside from the fact that it is out of their jurisdiction.
35 "Friendship at 250 Meters Above Ground"
"chijou 250 meutoru no yuujou" (地上250メートルの友情)
Tokuno orchestrates a daring rescue mission for the precinct to retrieve Kachou and the boy. Meanwhile, Kachou explains to the boy that the construction of the Tokyo Tower is made from American military tanks used in the Korean War. The boy confesses that he is the only member of his investigation club, mentioning his poor social life. The precinct was planning to use the tower elevator to reach Kachou and the boy, but it turns out that the elevator is broken. Ken, atop the Shiba Zōjō-ji Temple, spots Kachou and the boy nearly falling over the handrails of the tower. A rescue specialist, requested by Tokuno, along with Natsumi travel up the stairs of the tower, carrying a blowtorch. Upon reaching the stairs that lead to the upper deck, the rescue specialist uses the blowtorch to open the jammed door. Natsumi is to use a kernmantle rope, for resistance against the strong winds, to get to Kachou and the boy. The rescue specialist pulls the three into the observation deck, and Miyuki is able to fix the elevator.
36 "The Kitten who became a Missing Child"
"maigo ninatta koneko chan" (迷子になった子猫ちゃん)
The preschoolers lose sight of Maho's cat. Strike Man comes by back in action and offers to help find the cat. While Ken and the preschoolers search for the cat within the playground, Strike Man gives Natsumi and Miyuki an assortment of cats, telling that he will go look for the actual cat on his own. Miyuki installs tracking devices on stray cats, while Natsumi and Ken observe the area of the feline territories. After the preschoolers take a break buying food and toys, Natsumi, Miyuki, and Ken send them home. On their way back, the Maho find the cat at a wooden dock along the riverbank on a boat. However, the boat begins to drift away, heading towards a pillar of a nearby bridge. Ken races to the top of the bridge in order to dive into the river to recover Maho and the cat.
37 "Super-Express Yamanote Line Incident"
"tokkyuu yamanotesen jiken" (特急山手線事件)
A pair of pickpockets are seen snagging valuable items from young women at a train station. Yoriko and Aoi have been dispatched to bring the pickpockets in, while Natsumi and Miyuki are to act as backup. Unfortunately, Aoi becomes more occupied with arresting perverts and molesters. The pickpockets spot a business group with a briefcase boarding a train. They manage to steal the briefcase, however Yoriko and Aoi witness them escaping. The two follow them to another train, as it is revealed that two pistols were encased in the briefcase. The pickpockets use Yoriko's police badge, for which was dropped, in order to hijack the train, taking the conductor captive. Meanwhile, Natsumi and Miyuki hitchhikes aboard another train in an attempt to catch up to the hijacked train side by side. Aoi bypasses the pickpockets to open the passenger door, allowing Natsumi to jump across and defeat the pickpockets.
38 "The new man, Senior Police Officer Toukairin Shouji"
"sono otoko, shouji shouji" (その男、東海林将司)
The rescue specialist and lieutenant Shouji Toukairin has joined the Bokuto Police Precinct as its newest recruit. Natsumi is flabbergasted to see that only sandwiches and salads are left on the menu, and offers an arm wrestling match to Shouji for his food as collateral. Upon losing the match, Natsmi plans to uphold her reputation as the strongest officer of the precinct. Shouji host an undergoing training session specializing in rescue missions, however Natsumi is dissatisfied by common procedures. In a dangerous simulation, in which a bus is piled on top of a car, Shouji saves Natsumi from being crushed by the bus.
39 "The Beach Volleyball Man of Youth"
"aa! seishun no biichibareu otoko" (嗚呼! 青春のビーチバレー男)
Natsumi and Miyuki are running late to board the train to the beach. They are to meet with Ken, Yoriko, and Aoi, however the two are temporarily interfered by Strike Man. At the beach, Natsumi, Miyuki, Yoriko, and Aoi encounters Strike Man, calling himself Beach Volleyball Man. Yoriko enters Natsumi and Miyuki, as well as Ken and Strikeman, in a volleyball tournament, as a vacation in Hawaii for a week becomes the prize. The two teams climb their way up the tournament, winning successive matches. In the final showdown, Natsumi and Miyuki ultimatrly wins against Ken and Strikeman.
40 "Dangerous Date 2x3"
"kiken na deuto 2 X 3" (危険なデート2×3)
Yoriko invites Ken to an amusement park, telling him that Miyuki is already planning to go as well. Yoriko also invites Natsumi, Aoi, and Kachou, hinting that Miyuki and Ken would be going as a date. Miyuki and Ken eventually realize that the four have been spying on them. While the six of them enjoy lunchtime, Kachou interests them to a paintball monster hunt. Their goal is to advance and destroy the base of the monsters. They temporarily split up, each defeating a few monsters along the way. When the six regroup, the monsters reassemble together. They shoot down Yoriko, Aoi, and Kachou, leaving Natsumi, Miyuki, and Ken to head toward the base. One of the monsters takes down Ken, making Natsumi and Miyuki the only ones left. The two manage to finish off the last monster and destroy the goal, thereby completing the monster hunt.
41 "Turn! The Rotating Lights of Fire (Part One)"
"maware! honoo no kaitentou (zenpen)" (廻れ! 炎の回転灯【前編】)
Three rogue cops strategically, yet chaotically, ram into defenseless citizens driving. Tokuno and Kachou inform the precinct of the situation, calling them in for duty. However, it is realized that the public blames the precinct for these shortcomings, almost ruining their reputation. Arizuka pays a visit, ordering the precinct to be grounded from patrol for a week. He also mentions that the rogue cops must be caught within the week. Yoriko and Aoi glimpse the rouge cops trailing a victimized car entering a shopping district, reporting to the precinct. Natsumi and Miyuki follow the rogue cops, disobeying orders. Ken is able to intersect and spare the victimized car. The radio transmission to the precinct has been cut off, hinting that the rogue cops are those within the headquarters. After later being backed up by the rogue cops, Ken injures his leg, and is admitted to a hospital.
42 "Turn! The Rotating Lights of Fire (Part Two)"
"maware! honoo no kaitentou (kouhen)" (廻れ! 炎の回転灯【後編】)
The precinct complains about being grounded from patrol. Kachou and Kachou summon Miyuki to confidentially hack into the headquarters database in order to find the files of the rogue cops. Meanwhile, Natsumi goes off on her own to search for the rogue cops. It is reported that Ken has left the hospital. After being closed in by the rogue cops, Natsumi breaks her wrist and dislocates her shoulder, and is provisionally sent to the hospital. Kachou negotiates with Arizuka to orchestrate two hundred fifty police cars to trap the rogue cops on a metropolitan highway, blocking each and every highway ramp. Natsumi and Ken, aside from their minor afflictions, are being chased by the rogue cops. Miyuki, on the other hand, is chasing after the rogue cops. The three police officers lead to three rogue cops to a nearby bridge. With teamwork and determination, the three police officers manage to immobilize the three rogue cops one by one.
43 "Bokuto Station Scandal"
"bokutou sho sukyandaru" (墨東署スキャンダル)
The precinct has the feeling that a voyeur is spying on the station. Meanwhile, Tokuno is given a case dealing with an unknown bank robber. An uproar flourishes in the precinct after a series of embarrassing pictures are posted on the internet. The culprits, being three kids operating a radio-controlled helicopter, are revealed. The bank robber is seen in one of the embarrassing pictures of Ken, therefore the time of the robbery is apparent. The radio-controlled helicopter has been spotted due to the lack of stealth, and the kids' hideout has been located due to the tracking device installed. The bank robber appears at the hideout, demanding to have the picture taken of him. However, he evades as Natsumi and Miyuki arrives. The two follow the bank robber, with the help of the periodic pictures taken by the kids' radio-controlled helicopter. Tokuno and Shouji intersect and takes down the bank robber.
44 "100 Bokuto Tales"
"bokutou hyakumonogatari" (墨東百物語)
Ken convinces the precinct to go on a ghost hunt, after he traumatically beheld a silhouetted figure whooshing outside of the window of the restroom the previous night. Kachou narrates legends about the ghosts that haunt the station. An old man vanishes to a cemetery after asking directions from a police officer in a downpour and dark night. A dummy of a young boy, used to demonstrate accident scenarios, screamed words of pain and suffering. An officer's voice haunts the station phone at night, after being stabbed with a knife and collapsed while crawling to a telephone booth. A water well found outside the home of a peddler is told to be lurking with spirits. After travelling through the gallows on his way back home, he is stopped by another peddler who offers him two watermelons for his journey home. After endlessly consuming one of the watermelons, he fetches for the other watermelon in the water well, where the spirits reside. It is later recognized that Shouji was training outside nightly, as he was the silhouetted figure seen.
45 "Days of Summer...The Twilight of Two People"
"natsu no nichi... yuugure nofutari" (夏の日…夕暮れのふたり)
Natsumi and Miyuki meet up with Shouji at Osyo's shrine. The three of them are sent on an errand to the country to deliver a special package to Osyo's mother, later unveiling to be a special scroll. The mother offers the three to stay for lunchtime. While Miyuki stays to help the mother clean and prepare the kitchen, Natsumi and Shouji go out to shop for groceries. However, Shouji shows Natsumi to a tombstone near a shoreline, reminiscing about a friend he once knew who hiked with him in the mountains. It begins to rain after get some fruits and vegetables from a peddler. Sheltered yet stranded, the two share a bonding moment. Natsumi, Miyuki, and Shouji enjoy a nice dinner with the mother. The three make their trip back to the precinct.
46 "Shouji Toukairin's Struggles"
"shouji funtou su!" (東海林奮闘す!)
One of three male students, after being defeated by a female student during kendo class, throws his shinai in the field near the station, where Shouji happens to be. Shouji tells the male student to claim the shinai by way of a duel the following day. The male student ask Shouji to teach them kendo, after witnessing his skill and talent. Meanwhile, Natsumi and Miyuki are all preparing for a traffic safety class that is soon awaiting them. They soon realize that the male student has a crush on the female student. Natsumi tells the male students to invite the kendo class to attend traffic safety class. Shouji watches a match between the male student and the female student, finally noticing a gain in focus and determination from the male student.
47 "Time Limit"
"taimu rimitto" (タイム・リミット)
Natsumi and Shouji make plans to go rock climbing. The precinct is now aware of their relationship, gravely concerned of the two. Shouji struggles as he tries to admit his feelings toward Natsumi. while Natsumi fails to understand his emotions. A horrible accident occurs at a tunnel on the highway, dispatching Ken, Yoriko, and Aoi to regulate the traffic flow. Natsumi and Miyuki are asked by Shouji to be taken to the scene of the accident, recovering drivers and passengers in various vehicles that were impacted. A young boy is trapped in a car, urging Natsumi and Shouji to rescue him. Together, they dislodge a van piled on top of the car, thereby safely obtaining the boy.
48 "The End of Summer"
"natsu no owari" (夏の終わり)
The precinct plans to throw a farewell party for Shouji. While Shouji has already arrived at the station, however Natsumi has yet to show up. Natsumi goes back to the tombstone of Shouji's friend, trying to hide her feelings of depression. She later walks in on a kendo match between Kachou and Shouji, much to her surprise. Natsumi and Shouji enjoy their last time together at a park bench in the evening, gulping down many cans of beer. After making hot tea for everyone at the precinct, Natsumi asks permission for personal time off from work. She races to the airport just in time to see Shouji off, sharing their first kiss together.
49 "Bokuto Station Crime Investigation: Kinoshita Kaoruko's Arrival"
"bokutou sho sousa sen kinoshita kaoru ko chakunin" (墨東署捜査線木下かおる子着任)
The precinct is meeting with Kaoruko Kinoshita, the assistant inspector of the headquarters. She discusses about creating an investigation team within the precinct in order to catch the perpetrators responsible for luxury cars thefts. Miyuki is to be in charge of the headquarters mainframe database, while Natsumi is partnered with Kinoshita for the time being. Kachou learns that Arizuka enlisted Kinoshita to direct the investigation. A white van has been reported at the scene of the crime. As the white van has been found, many police officers are to set up barricades in various streets. When Natsumi and Kinoshita initiate a trap, the white van escapes by driving down the terrain. Kinoshita invites Natsumi to be a part of the headquarters, recognizing her great partnership skills.
50 "Bokuto Station Crime Investigation: Respective Tomorrows"
"bokutou sho sousa sen sorezoreno ashita" (墨東署捜査線それぞれの明日)
Natsumi is currently working at the headquarters to continue to investigate the luxury car thefts. Miyuki chases a stolen luxury car, ultimately resulting in a burnout. Miyuki and Ken talk via two-way radio, concerning the current damage and possible repair of her police car, analogizing that with her life situation. However, everyone in the precinct scolds Ken for what he has said to Miyuki, much to his chagrin. Strike Man is seen carrying a luxury car on a forklift, proclaiming to prevent more thefts from happening. Miyuki challenges Strike Man to a duel, prompting her victory. Miyuki, compensating by impersonating Natsumi, catches attention on the precinct. She later realizes that Ken was lifting her up, not putting her down, in finding herself. Natsumi returns to the station in order to be partnered with Miyuki once more.
51 "Bokuto Station Crime Investigation: Best Partner"
"bokutou sho sousa sen besuto, paatonaa" (墨東署捜査線ベスト・パートナー)
It is resourced that the perpetrators are hiding out in a used car parking lot. The perpetrators leave early in the morning, with a few luxuary cars along with a semi-trailer truck. Kinoshita orders all police cars to detain the perpetrators on a metropolitan expressway toward the bay shore, blocking each and every slip road. Aoi is shot by one of the perpetrators, who purposely had swaggered and halted his car. It is seen that the perpetrators switched to another semi-trailer truck to haul the luxury cars. Natsumi, Miyuki, and Ken continue onto the expressway, arranging new orders. Ken collides with another one of the perpetrators, who attempted to shot him on the spot. After a car is released from the semi-trailer truck, Natsumi and Miyuki make their way in, infiltrating the truck and ceasing the perpetrators.

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