List of World Championships Medalists in Sailing (windsurfer Classes) - Mistral - Men's


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Year Gold Silver Bronze
1986 Julian Anderson (GBR)
Nils Hangard (NOR)
1987 Francesco Wirz (ITA)
Chris Lawrence (AUS)
T. Foyen (NED)
D. Woods (AUS)
H. Nissen-Lie (NOR)
M. Pedersen (AUS)
1988 L. de Pedrini (ITA)
H. Piegelin (FRA)
Francesco Wirz (ITA)
M. Quintin (FRA)
Claude Muzellec (FRA)
Robert Nagy (FRA)
1989 Corpus Christi Julian Anderson (GBR)
Chris Lawrence (AUS)
Riccardo Giordano (ITA)
Nikolaos Kaklamanakis (GRE)
H. Mann (SWE)
J. Callahan (USA)
1990 J. Hutchcroft (GBR)
Chris Lawrence (AUS)
A. Dale (RSA)
Ted Huang (USA)
J. Blinnikka (FIN)
H. Plumb (GBR)
1991 San Francisco Julian Anderson (GBR)
Riccardo Giordano (ITA)
Mike Gebhardt (USA)
A. Morell (ISV)
Wim Opten (NED)
S. Borncroft (GBR)
H. Mann (SWE)
Tim Ratzlaff (USA)
K. Schumacher (USA)
1992 Mondello Riccardo Giordano (ITA)
P. van Schie (NED)
T. Lentall (AUS)
Aaron McIntosh (NZL)
A. Dale (RSA)
Nikolaos Kaklamanakis (GRE)
1993 Kashiwazaki Bruce Kendall (NZL) Aaron McIntosh (NZL) Mike Gebhardt (USA)
1994 Gimli Aaron McIntosh (NZL) Bruce Kendall (NZL) Andrea Zinali (ITA)
1995 Port Elizabeth João Rodrigues (POR) Nikolaos Kaklamanakis (GRE) Aaron McIntosh (NZL)
1996 Haifa Nikolaos Kaklamanakis (GRE) Gal Fridman (ISR) Eduardo García (ARG)
1997 Fremantle Aaron McIntosh (NZL) Amit Inbar (ISR) Marcos Galván (ARG)
1998 Brest Aaron McIntosh (NZL) Amit Inbar (ISR) João Rodrigues (POR)
1999 Nouméa Lars Kleppich (AUS) Tony Philp (FIJ) Marcos Galván (ARG)
2000 Mar del Plata Nikolaos Kaklamanakis (GRE) Aaron McIntosh (NZL) Carlos Espinola (ARG)
2001 Varkiza Nikolaos Kaklamanakis (GRE) Przemysław Miarczyński (POL) Fabrice Hassen (FRA)
2002 Pattaya Gal Fridman (ISR) Ricardo Santos (BRA) Julien Bontemps (FRA)
2003 Cádiz Przemysław Miarczyński (POL) Nikolaos Kaklamanakis (GRE) Gal Fridman (ISR)
2004 Cezme Julien Bontemps (FRA) Przemysław Miarczyński (POL) Nicolas Huguet (FRA)
2005 Palermo Nicolas Huguet (FRA) Ricardo Santos (BRA) Andreas Cariolou (CYP)
2006 Shenzhen Cheng Kwok Fai (HKG) Chan King Yin (HKG) Wu Shifu (CHN)

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