List of Winners of The James Laughlin Award - Lamont Poetry Selections (1976–1995)

Lamont Poetry Selections (1976–1995)

Year Poet Book Judges
1995 Ralph Angel Neither World Richard Kenney, Heather McHugh, David St. John
1994 Brigit Pegeen Kelly Song Jorie Graham, Richard Kenney, David St. John
1993 Rosanna Warren Stained Glass Amy Clampitt, Jorie Graham, Richard Kenney
1992 Kathryn Stripling Byer Wildwood Flower Lucille Clifton, Jorie Graham, Robert Morgan
1991 Susan Wood Campo Santo Marvin Bell, Lucille Clifton, Robert Morgan
1990 Li-Young Lee The City in Which I Love You Marvin Bell, Sandra McPherson, Robert Morgan
1989 Minnie Bruce Pratt Crime Against Nature Marvin Bell, Alfred Corn, Sandra McPherson
1988 Mary Jo Salter Unfinished Painting Alfred Corn, Sandra McPherson, Mary Oliver
1987 Garrett Hongo The River of Heaven Philip Booth, Alfred Corn, Mary Oliver
1986 Jane Shore The Minute Hand Philip Booth, Louise Glück, Mary Oliver
1985 Cornelius Eady Victims of the Latest Dance Craze Philip Booth, Louise Glück, Charles Simic
1984 Philip Schultz Deep Within the Ravine Louise Glück, Charles Simic, David Wagoner
1983 Sharon Olds The Dead and the Living June Jordan, Charles Simic, David Wagoner
1982 Margaret Gibson Long Walks in the Afternoon June Jordan, Richard Shelton, David Wagoner
1981 Carolyn Forché The Country Between Us William Harmon, June Jordan, Richard Shelton
1980 Michael Van Walleghen More Trouble with the Obvious William Harmon, Maxine Kumin, Richard Shelton
1979 Frederick Seidel Sunrise William Harmon, Maxine Kumin
1978 Ai Killing Floor Maxine Kumin, Philip Levine, Charles Wright
1977 Gerald Stern Lucky Life Alan Dugan, Philip Levine, Charles Wright
1976 Larry Levis The Afterlife Alan Dugan, Michael Harper, Philip Levine

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