List of Water Margin Minor Characters - Zeng Family Fortress

Zeng Family Fortress

  • Zeng Nong (Chinese: 曾弄; pinyin: Zēng Nòng) is the headman of the fortress. He was originally at odds with Liangshan but regrets after losing two of his sons. He tries to reconcile and come to a truce with Liangshan but fails. He commits suicide by hanging himself after the village falls.
  • Zeng Tu (Chinese: 曾涂; pinyin: Zēng Tú) is Zeng Nong's eldest son. He fights with Lü Fang and Guo Sheng and tries to kill them when their spears become entangled. Hua Rong wounds him with an arrow and Lü and Guo seize the opportunity to spear him together after he is down.
  • Zeng Mi (Chinese: 曾密; pinyin: Zēng Mì) is Zeng Nong's second son. He is killed by Zhu Tong when the outlaws overrun the fortress.
  • Zeng Suo (Chinese: 曾索; pinyin: Zēng Suǒ) is Zeng Nong's third son. He is killed in an ambush while attempting to launch a sneak attack on the Liangshan camp.
  • Zeng Kui (Chinese: 曾魁; pinyin: Zēng Kuí) is Zeng Nong's fourth son. He is killed by Lu Zhishen and Wu Song when the fortress is overrun by the outlaws.
  • Zeng Sheng (Chinese: 曾升; pinyin: Zēng Shēng) is Zeng Nong's youngest son. He is sent as a hostage to the Liangshan camp during the negotiations for a truce between Liangshan and the fortress. He is killed by the outlaws after the fortress falls.
  • Shi Wengong (Chinese: 史文恭; pinyin: Shǐ Wéngōng) is a martial arts instructor in the fortress and an advisor to Zeng Nong. He is responsible for killing Liangshan's chief Chao Gai with a poisoned arrow and becomes a sworn enemy of Liangshan. "Whoever captures Shi Wengong will be the leader of Liangshan" were the dying words of Chao Gai. He is very skilled in battle, capable of battling multiple opponents at once. However, after the village has been taken by the outlaws, he is captured by Lu Junyi while attempting to escape. He is escorted back to Liangshan and executed as a sacrifice to Chao Gai. Some non-Water Margin sources claim that he is a student of the archer Zhou Tong, just like Liangshan's Lu Junyi, Lin Chong and Wu Song.

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