List of United States Political Families (E) - The Eustis and Bohlens

The Eustis and Bohlens

  • George Eustis Jr. (1828–1872), U.S. Representative from Louisiana 1855–1859. Brother of James B. Eustis.
  • James B. Eustis (1834–1887), Louisiana State Representative 1865 1872, Louisiana State Senator 1874–1878, U.S. Senator from Louisiana 1876–1879 1885–1891, U.S. Ambassador to France 1893–1897. Brother of George Eustis Jr.
    • Charles Bohlen (1904–1974), U.S. Ambassador to Russia 1953–1957, U.S. Ambassador to Philippines 1957–1959, U.S. Ambassador to France 1962–1968, acting U.S. Secretary of State 1969. Grandson of James B. Eustis.
      • Avis Bohlen (born 1940), U.S. Ambassador to Bulgaria 1996–1999. Daughter of Chahrles Bohlen.

NOTE: Charles Bohlen was also brother-in-law of U.S. Consul General Charles W. Thayer.

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