List of The Tick Merchandise - Trading Cards/stickers/pogs

Trading Cards/stickers/pogs

  • Tick Button Set—4 1" buttons mounted on a card. 6,000 units were made. Released in 1989.
  • Tick Test Card Set—36 cards depicting images from the comic book series. Released in 1991.
  • Fox Kid collectors cards—Released in 1995, there were 62 Tick cards depicting scenes from the animated series, plus scenes from other Fox Kids series, Spiderman, X-Men, Eek! Strava Ganza and Bobby's World. Released in packs of six cards and also a box of 18 packs.
  • Suspended Animation cards—Two, semi-transparent cards featuring the Tick and Dinosaur Neil, plus several other Fox Kids shows. Released in 1995.
  • Fox Kids Power Pop-Ups cards—Cards that folded into a 3-d image. Ten images featured Tick animated series characters, plus other Fox kids characters. Released in 1995.
  • Tick stickers, released by Panini in 1995. 156 stickers depicting scenes from the animated series.
  • Panini Sticker Book.
  • Tick Collector Cards—Released by Comic Images in association with Fox Kids in 1997. 71 total cards including a Ben Edlund autographed Tick card (limited to 500). The cards were originally released in packs of 8 cards including the original 65 and the chromium cards. It also came in a box of 48 packs.
  • Comic Images Chase Chromium Cards—Metallic cards featuring the covers of the first six Tick comic books, tenth anniversary editions. Released in 1997.
  • Comic Images Trading Cards Binder
  • Tick Milkcap Pack—released in 1995, each pack included 7 pogs and 1 kini (slammer). There are sixty total pogs featuring characters from the Tick animated series.

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