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Love Interests

  • Alexander "Alec" Lightwood (Boyfriend City of Ashes - City of Lost Souls) Magnus and Alec meet during one of his parties and Magnus openly flirts with him, eventually starting a secret relationship with him (since Alec was not ready to come out as gay yet) later on in the novel. The couple's relationship later become public when Alec passionately kisses Magnus in front of the Clave before a war was to start in the City of Glass novel. The two soon have trouble when officially facing the fact that Alec was mortal and would soon age and die, whereas Magnus, who was immortal, never would. This, along with Magnus' sexual history, causes heavy complications in their relationship. The two later break up during the epilogue of City of Lost Souls due to the fact that Alec had been visiting Camille Belcourt behind Magnus' back, seemingly because he wanted to turn Magnus mortal. Though it is later revealed that the actual reason he had gone to see Camille was to find out about Magnus' past since the warlock himself would not tell him anything, Magnus does find this out, accepting the cover story as the truth. The two part with one final kiss before, Magnus reluctantly walks away leaving a heartbroken Alec behind.
  • Lady Camille Belcourt (The Infernal Devices and later City of Fallen Angels) is one of Magnus' former lovers. Their relationship and history is one of Magnus' main plot lines in The Infernal Devices, having been lovers before they get into a fight resulting in them severing ties. The two meet again approximately a century after Clockwork Prince in The Mortal Instruments: City of Fallen Angels book, when she is captured and refuses to talk to anyone else but Magnus. This results in Magnus returning home, having been on a vacation with Alec at the time, and sees her for the first time in over a century. She attempts to make amends with Magnus, saying that he must have known they would see each other again due to their immortality, but Magnus remains bitter about her abrupt departure from his life. She begins to cause complications in his relationship with Alec, bringing up the topic over his immortality, and how since Alec was mortal, he would eventually die and leave Magnus behind. However, Magnus firmly states that while she "can give him the past, Alec is his future" and leaves. She then begins to meet with Alec in private in City of Lost Souls novel; Alec seeks information about Magnus' past since the warlock himself refuses to tell him anything. During a later meeting, Camille informs Alec that unless he wants to use dark magic or become a vampire, there was no way to make him immortal. She goes on to tell Alec however, that if he really wants to be with Magnus, he would need to make Magnus a mortal, which she claims to be able to do. While Alec briefly considers it, he ultimately refuses, unwilling to shorten Magnus' life. Despite this, she tells him to meet her at an abandoned subway station one last time, to tell her his final decision. When Alec shows up at that meeting, ready to tell Camille he truthfully did not want to change Magnus, he instead finds Magnus there, who was informed by Camille about the arrangement. He tells Alec that Camille told him everything about the two's private meetings, and taunted him that Alec was going to show up to accept her offer. He tells Alec that he didn't want to believe Camille, but when Alec showed up, he couldn't not believe her. This leads to the couple breaking up.
  • Woolsey Scott (The Infernal Devices) One of Magnus' boyfriends' after the disastrous end to his relationship with Camille.
  • Edmund Herondale (revealed in The Bane Chronicles: What Really Happened in Peru).

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