List of Swamp Thing Episodes - Season 2 (1992)

Season 2 (1992)

Title # Airdate Summary
Night of the Dying 23 January 3, 1992 A vengeful voodoo priestess ensnares Arcane in a voodoo curse as revenge for his enslavement of Jim Kipp, who had once saved a cousin of hers from drowning. Swamp Thing reluctantly helps Graham and a kindly voodoo priest save Arcane from certain death.
Love Lost 24 January 10, 1992 Will is approached by a mysterious woman, named Vivian, who claims to be clairvoyant and wants to make contact with Swamp Thing to give him a message from the spirit of late wife. Meanwhile, Vivian gives Tressa a sign that her son Jim is alive and she leaves for Brazil to find him. At the same time, a visiting old friend of Will’s has an ulterior motive for knowing more about Will.
Mist Demeanor 25 January 17, 1992 When a killer mist emerges from the swamp and invades Houma, Swamp Thing and Arcane must unlikely team-up to try to stop it before it decimates the whole town. Meanwhile, Will and Abigail race to find and save a lost little boy in the swamp before the mist claims him and Abigail makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the boy.
A Nightmare on Jackson Street 26 January 24, 1992 Will's past as a juvenile delinquent comes back to haunt him when three of his former gang that he knew back in Philadelphia come to town to persuade him to help them in a robbery.
Better Angels 27 January 31, 1992 Swamp Thing encounters Ann Fisk, a woman he knew before he was mutated and disfigured. Ann's mentor, Carter LaRoche, has designs on the swamp to build a recycling factory under Arcane’s financing. But neither Arcane nor Swamp Thing are aware of the true nature of Carter’s motives.
Children of the Fool 28 February 7, 1992 Will falls in love with a lovely carnival worker named Amanda. Yet, Will becomes aware that Amanda is being held against her will by the shady carnie owner, Hurley, who has a dark agenda for Will, and only Swamp Thing can save him.
A Jury of His Fears 29 February 14, 1992 After being electrocuted while at the controls of his latest scientific experiment, Arcane has a near-death experience where he is put on trial and gets judged for all his past misdeeds with Tressa as the judge and Will as his lawyer and both the prosecutor.
Poisonous 30 February 21, 1992 Ian James is an unscrupulous anthropologist who releases poisonous tree frogs in the swamp to further promote his documentary film of the swamp while he charms his way into Tressa’s life while Will is as always suspicious to James’ true nature especially when James plans to catch on film the so-called Swamp Thing to further advance his career.
Smoke and Mirrors 31 February 28, 1992 Nathan Stone is a heavy metal musician staying alone in the Kipp boarding house where Swamp Thing terrorizes him with a series of mind games as he seeks to teach the shallow and egotistical punk rock star to take responsibility for his wicked lyrics that has led to the suicide of two teenage fans.
This Old House of Mayan 32 March 6, 1992 Will is taken hostage by two men who are greedy explorers who force him to help them find the location of a mystic Mayan temple in the swamp housing buried treasure which is guarded by two vengeful Mayan ghosts.
Sonata 33 March 20, 1992 Ann Fisk returns to the swamp, intent on finding out if Swamp Thing is really the man, Alec Holland, whom she knew all those years ago and then tries to find a way to transform the creature back into the human scientist she once knew. But complications set in when two revenge-seeking redneck brothers take Ann as well as Arcane and his henchman, Graham, hostage and Swamp Thing is torn over using his powers to save them aware that his chance to become human again will be lost.

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