List of Shotokan Techniques - Striking Techniques (Uchi-waza)

Striking Techniques (Uchi-waza)

  1. Age empi: Rising elbow strike
  2. Age Tzuki: Rising Punch
  3. Choku zuki: Straight jab punch
  4. Empi uchi: Elbow strike
  5. Gyaku zuki: Reverse punch
  6. Haishu uchi: Back hand strike
  7. Haito uchi: Ridge hand strike
  8. Hisami zuki: Scissor strike
  9. Jun Zuki: front hand 'jab' punch, differing from Kizami Zuki in that shoulders are square
  10. Kagi zuki: Hook punch
  11. Kizami zuki: Straight, front hand lunging punch (like a 'jab')
  12. Mae mawashi empi uchi: Augmented side elbow strike (e.g. in the kata, Heian yondan)
  13. Mawashi empi: Hook elbow strike
  14. Morote zuki: Double punch (e.g. in the kata, Tekki shodan)
  15. Nakadaka Ippon Ken : one knuckle fist
  16. Nukite: Spear-hand strike
  17. Oi zuki: Lunge punch (shoulders square)
  18. Sanbon zuki: Triple punch (age zuki, gyaku zuki, choku zuki)
  19. Shuto uchi: Knifehand strike
  20. Shuto yoko ganmen uchi (knife-hand strike to head)
  21. Shuto sakotsu uchikomi (driving knife-hand to sternum)
  22. Shuto sakotsu uchi (knife-hand strike to clavicle)
  23. Shuto hizo uchi (knife-hand strike to spleen)
  24. Shuto jodan uchi uchi (inside knife-hand to neck)
  25. Sokumen empi uchi: Augmented elbow strike (e.g. in the kata, Tekki shodan)
  26. Tate zuki: Half reverse punch, with a vertical fist
  27. Teisho furi uchi: Sideways palm-heel strike
  28. Teisho uchi: Palm-heel strike
  29. Tettsui: Hammer-fist strike
  30. Tettsui hasami uchi: Hammer-fist scissor strike
  31. Tettsui yoko uchi (bottom fist strike to side)
  32. Uraken uchi: Backfist strike
  33. Uraken mawashi uchi (backfist circular strike to the head)
  34. Uraken sayu ganmen uchi (backfist strike to side)
  35. Uraken hizo uchi (backfist strike to spleen)
  36. Ushiro empi ate (backwards elbow strike)
  37. Ura zuki: Close short punch, with inverted fist, similar in nature to an 'uppercut'
  38. Ushiro empi: Back elbow strike
  39. Yama zuki ("mountain punch"): Wide double fisted strike (e.g. in the kata, Bassai dai and Wankan)
  40. Awase zuke: Narrow double fisted strike
  41. Yoko empi: Side elbow strike
  42. Yoko tettsui: Sideways hammer-fist strike (e.g. in the kata, Heian Nidan)
  43. Gyaku age zuki: Rising reverse punch (e.g. in the kata, Enpi)

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